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    Default Thinking of coloring hair - need some advice

    I just wrapped up another semester of school & I will be moving back to my home town until July.

    I've been thinking about changing my hair color for a while, but learning about it and trying to execute a plan have proven to be formidable challenges. I figure now would be a good time to experiment because I can avoid the ridicule from my friends during the process, and in addition I'm not currently weighed down by a career that wouldn't allow it.

    I have unique natural hair that attempts to strike a chord between red, blonde, and brown shades. During winter my hair leans towards a brown color, while a blonde look prevails in the summer, and auburn tones run year-round.

    Basically I just want to try something different because I'm young and I don't see life allowing it in the near future. I never dyed my hair before, except for one Halloween when I was a mad scientist (who happened to sport fashionable purple hair).

    My attempts to seek advice have been very uncomfortable experiences. I was given a few references of beauty “experts” who proceeded to prod my head while saying “You’d be stupid to change the color – do you know what women would pay for this hair!? It is so beautiful.”

    Thanks ladies. People always comment on their faux-attraction to my hair because of its distinctiveness, but I don’t see their words as compliments, because usually the remarks are emasculating and can be likened to everyone’s aunt who squeezed your cheek real hard when you were young.

    I’m hoping to take matters into my own hands by starting off with some non-permanent colors to try myself. I know people say “ya gotta go to the beauty shop!”, but based on past experience, no thanks. I’ve been browsing sites looking for reputable brands that sell coloring that will wash out within a week or two so that I may do some experimenting.

    My goal is to get my hair to a lighter shade of general blonde at first, and then perhaps dabble in some darker colors once it fades. These are two directions that I've think I can pull off, but I could be totally wrong. Believe me when I say that I'm doing a ton of research - more than I did for perfumery when I first came to Basenotes! I do, however, hope that someone can share some suggestions or warnings and maybe throw out some good brands for non-permanent coloring, because I trust all of you. Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: Thinking of coloring hair - need some advice

    Since you're feeling experimental, I really recommend that you try the more extreme ends of the spectrum; mild changes often look a bit puzzling and tentative on men ("Is he trying to cover grey? Or look like [insert celebrity name]? Why?"). I'd say strip it out to platinum blond, make a circuit through some intense colours(s), finish with black, and ...plan on buzzing or shaving your head at the end of the summer

    Truly temporay hair colour (level 1, it'll say on the box) can only enhance intensity or make your hair a little darker; you cannot lighten your hair with it. If you use it, plan on breaking out the darker coloured pillowcases and towels; it comes off constantly.
    "Temporary" (level 2) colour is NOT temporary (the change it will make is so small that it grows out very naturally; but it's there for good, though reds may fade), and may be able to lighten your hair a shade or so, but not enough to look any different than it probbaly does in the summer.
    Level 3 is the hardcore stuff. Fun.

    Doing it yourself is fine, but put petrolatum along your hairline, over your ears, and anyplace else you do not want to have colour, or you'll have some peculiar looking blotches for several days.

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    Default Re: Thinking of coloring hair - need some advice

    Good for you! (When I was younger, and a natural blonde, and going to Sweden - I had my hair dyed black because I didn't want to look like everyone else!! Turns out there's lots of dark haired Swedes too - but you get the drift! :bounce

    But having worked in the industry (Clairol) I would have to side with those who recommend a professional. No two people's hair responds to color in exactly the same way - and even "temporary" color can be tricky. Patch tests are a must and short hair is especially difficult to deal with.

    An economical way to go is a Beauty School where you can have it done for a pittance and it's unlikely anyone will try to dissuade you.

    Go for it! And send us a picture!!
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    Default Re: Thinking of coloring hair - need some advice

    I have the same color as you (albeit now with grey) and went through a period dying it. (Of course it helped that I was living with a hairdresser) The first time you can try doing it yourself, but after that if you want to keep it up I'd go to a pro. Repeated applications of single-process eventually makes the hair look pretty fake: all one color. Of course if that's the look you are going for, then that's good.

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    Default Re: Thinking of coloring hair - need some advice

    there was an article on a website i was flicking through have a look might help

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    Default Re: Thinking of coloring hair - need some advice

    I'd recommend going to a stylist just for the fact that they can custom blend a color that is specifically what you want. When going with boxed colors one only has a few shades to choose from.
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    Default Re: Thinking of coloring hair - need some advice

    Don't know if you're still thinking about it 6 months later, but I've had experience with hair just like yours.

    Don't do blonde without a professional! I tried helping a male friend of mine with a hair color that sounds exactly like yours. After 3 or 4 attempts, the best we could get was a strawberry blonde due to the red. Seriously, please trust me, if you want a believable blonde, you need a pro.

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