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    Default Sun-Drenched Laundary

    There are all sorts of soapy laundary fresh renderings out there but the important part here is, I am looking for is that sun-drenched warmth which you find only when you leave your clothes or blanket out to dry in the mid-day sun. Anything with this sun-dried accord is welcome matter not whether the scent was targeted at men or women. I am still trying to gather up a list to try here so any suggestions are welcome! However please try avoid niche if possible(currently in niche desert)

    What I have so far:
    L'Air du Desert Marocain(more like hot sand)
    Hermes 24 Fauborg(to try)

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    Default Re: Sun-Drenched Laundary

    Have you tried any of the Demeter frags? Like Dust, Firefly, Greenhouse or Mildew?

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    Default Re: Sun-Drenched Laundary

    You might want to try out EL's Azurée Soleil eau fraîche and their new Emerald Dream too.
    another would be Hermès Eau de Merveilles.

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