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    I have a linen and room mist I bought from the Virgin VIE store on Oxford Street several years ago and it's lovely. The notes are poppies, grass and sweet camomile. I wondered if there was anything close to this I could wear myself?

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    Poppies is an imaginary note, BTW. Actual poppies are scentless. I don't know the fragance you mention, so otherwise I can't comment.
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    Damn. It smells so good too.

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    Poeme by Lancome has two imaginary flowers in it and one of them is poppy:

    "Two imaginary flowers play opposite each other: the fresh and frosty Himalayan blue poppy and the voluptuous and carnal datura of the sands."


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    Flower by Kenzo is supposed to evoke poppies, which have no scent of their own. Kenzo figured it SHOULD have a scent though (I agree!) so his house came up with one. People seem to either love it or hate it.
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    I guess it's just the grass and sweet camomile then.
    I've tried Grass by Marc Jacobs - lovely but smells nothing like this (it is a nice replacement for Gap Grass, however!)

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    very interesting from what i know you cannot extract the gardenia scent either and i think also the same for carnations.

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