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    Default czeck n speak 88

    what weather is no. 88 suitable for. warm or cold

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    Default Re: czeck n speak 88

    It's a wonderful fragrance and I wear it in mostly in warm weather (I live in Miami...) and it works great.

    p.s. - FYI - its actually spelled Czech
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    Default Re: czeck n speak 88

    No.88 is a great fragrance,i have worn it in cold & warm weather.IMO it`s OK for both.Of you like No.88 you could also try Montale Black Aoud which to me is similar.
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    Default Re: czeck n speak 88

    One of my favorites. Seems like it should work year-round depending on how you wear it and in what situations. Of course, I think that about most fragrances. If a fragrance is "too strong" in warmer weather just don't put so much on...
    - E.J.

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    Just make sure you get a sample before you buy Carlo. I was really interested in No.88 after reading the reviews, but on me the patchouli is all I smell once the rose wears off. (Not a big fan of patchouli)
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    Default Re: czeck n speak 88

    Quote Originally Posted by frank06 View Post
    If you like No.88 you could also try Montale Black Aoud which to me is similar.
    To me they're almost identical, except Black Aoud has an additional medicinal note that deters me.

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