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    Default Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    Is there anyone among you that has experiences with the use of Annick Goutal's "Sables" during warmer months? What about the development of this scent in the heat?

    Speaking of "Heat". I remember Robert de Niro being named as an artist using Goutal's products. However, it seems to me that "Sables" could easily be the one that Nick, de Niro's character in the widely acclaimed movie "Heat", wears. The scent, to me, seems to be a gentle crminal. Gentle because of its drydown, criminal because of the off-putting quality of its opening.

    As always I'm looking forward to hear your opinions and thank you very much in anticipation.

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    Default Re: Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    Steffen, yes in the heat! For me, this opens with a smell that reminds me of turpentine. Being an artist, this is a smell that I love. It doesn't really remind me of the beach but it is a very warm earthy smell. The dry down smells to me very musky. I find it breathtaking in the heat and think it smells different in warmer weather than cooler weather. I also love M7 in the heat.

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    Default Re: Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    YES!! My husband wears it all year long, in summer it is very nice - bittersweet and - IMHO - very manly. At least on him.

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    Default Re: Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    I really don't like AG Sables in the heat. I find the sweetness can get really overpowering and annoying by the end of a warm day. Maybe with a very light and defused application it would be acceptable. By defused I mean that you should spray it from a much greater distance then you normally would. That being said, Sables is a really nice fragrance.
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    Default Re: Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    Definitely great in the heat if you don't go heavy in the trigger. As a rule of thumb, the progression of a scent is much better and more pronounced in the heat. The only downside is that, it will be tormenting if you overapply.
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    Default Re: Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    No, not in Vegas 115 dry heat temperatures. It would smell like pancakes drowned in carmalized maple syrup... Which might not be bad in the winter, but the summer... down right suffocating.

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    Default Re: Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    DeNiro played "Neil McCauley" in Heat. It's one of my favorite movies.

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    Default Re: Sables (Annick Goutal) in [the] "Heat"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron01 View Post
    DeNiro played "Neil McCauley" in Heat. It's one of my favorite movies.
    Thanks. Stupid mistake of mine, as I love this film, too.

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