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    Default Favourite Chypres

    Like so many here on Basenotes I've also expanded my taste when it comes to scents.About 7 years ago I mostly wore florals,but then moved slowly over to orientals.My latest love in scent families is Chypres.This is actually sort of strange since I used to hate them.Found them too dry and burning.However after finally starting to understand Mitsouko everything seemed to change for me.I've learned that I love floral and slightly fruity chypres. Favourites of mine is Aromatics elixir, Mitsouko, Rochas Mystere....and if you count the so called new chypres too, Narciso Rodriguez edt and Agent Provocateur. What's your favourite chypre, and why ?
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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    I too am a bona fide, fully paid up member of the Chypre lover's club and I too love many of the classic chypres that you have mentioned.

    I refer you to this great thread from earlier this year and my posts included there in. They have the answer to your question:
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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    Chypres have always been my favourites, although I didn't always know that was what they were! Narciso Rodriguez is far and away my favourite of them all (so far).
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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    Miss Dior for me.
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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    Givenchy III
    Chypre Rouge
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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    I love leather chypres, like Bandit, Cabochard, Jolie Madame, and Cuir de Russie. I've heard that all leather scents are included in the larger chypre family because of the notes necessary to construct a leather base... can anyone more knowledgeable than I tell me whether this is true? If so, then I think many of my favorites fall into that category.

    Favorite Notes:
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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    I love chypres. Favorites so far (in that order):

    Comme des Garcons 2
    Ava Luxe Silk
    Enjoy (Diorella and Enjoy are somewhat similar as fruity chypres)
    Nuit de Noel

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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    Coty Chypre
    Ava-Luxe Midnight Violet!
    Ava-Luxe Moss
    Miss Dior
    Montana Parfum d'elle
    Paloma Picasso
    Miss Balmain and Jolie Madame
    and as I recall, Blazer was a crispy chypre...still have a bottle and I should check this
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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    I wore chypres before I even knew what they where!!! Looking back on my perfume buying as a teenager lots of chypres in there.

    I wore Mitsouko,Givenchy III, Doiressence,Mysterie,Femme.

    Pick one, er no way!!!

    Jolie Madame
    Le Parfum de Therese
    Cuir de Russie
    Melodrama by SpaceNK(strangely I reach for this one alot)
    Nuit de Noel
    En Avion
    French CanCan

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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    Hello! I am new here, but I love chypres so I would like to share with you my favourites:

    Le Parfum - Sonia
    Bandit - Robert Piguet
    Diva - Ungaro

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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    I own:

    Chypre Rouge
    Aromatics Elixir

    Aromatics Elixir smells fantastic on a lot of people and I love it, but unfortunately it turns soapy on me so I've put it on my swap list.
    Bandit's intriguing and Chypre Rouge is such an odd scent I had to have it. But of those, Mitsouko is easily my favourite, and a perfume I have been wearing for 22 years now!

    I have also tried AL Film Noir but it smelled like hospitals and I really didn't like it.
    If anyone wants to recommend more chypres for me to try, please do!

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    Default Re: Favourite Chypres

    This thread usually comes out in autumn when the chypres start their siren song, but I admire someone who wants to talk chypre in the spring

    The thing I appreciate about classic chypres besides the general fragrance is their unique drydown. It's a deep dryish oakmoss/vetiver or patchouli/submerged floral affair.

    There is one chypre I wear mainly in the spring and summer - Comme Une Evidence by Yves Rocher, a lily-of-the-valley fragrance.

    Favorite classic chypres:
    Profumo by Acqua Di Parma - Don't even try to sample this until autumn. It needs cool weather. When it works it's sublime.
    Fendi - I just tried it in the parfum two months ago, and found it to be exquisite at that formulation, everything a chypre lover likes. I found it to be just a little too ashy in the other formulations
    Bandit - Grrrr. Oh yeah. Me bad. Not sexy, just bad. Sexy is a collateral thing with this fragrance.
    Jolie Madame - the grand dame. Absolutely classic.
    Mitsouko - wonderful, evocative.
    Black Aoud - this is listed as a chypre because of the moss.

    Fresh Chypres:
    Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance - so fresh, natural, invigorating. I use it a lot.
    Eau De Soir - Sisley

    I have a problem with the term 'new chypre' and ultimately don't consider them authentic chypres, as I feel oakmoss is the defining ingredient, absolutely indispensable. I suppose in the evolution away from the classic chypre the powers to be needed a hook to hang their revisionist concepts on, though 'Neo-chypre' might have been a better term. That being said, there are many of them I like. But they don't have the same feel, and they don't have as distinctive a drydown. They really are closer in quality to what?... the woody oriental? than the classic chypres.
    Favorite new Chypres:
    Agent Provocateur - sexy, rosy, spicy
    Opone - Rose, wood, equatorial spice and heat

    Djuna - you're correct. Leather is a subcategory of chypre, but they are so distinctive that if the leather predominates, they're usually called leathers instead of leather chypres. Leather chypres are ones in which leather is a component.
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