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    Default ...similar to rose poivree?

    having recently turned 21 i've come to the decision (based on nothing at all really!) that my fragrance needs to be a little more grown up.

    I currently alternate between Burberry Brit and Carolina Herrera's 212(MEN). I'm right now trying to analyse what I like in these two... Brit has a pronounced floral (violet? rose?) note, which i love, but i sometimes wonder if it's overall too baby-powdery, perhaps sliiightly too sweet.
    The 212 i fell in love with the first time i smelled it, and I still love to wear it, although the novelty is starting to wear off. I find it very distinctive, and it seems to last forever - sometimes just a couple of sprays on a jacket is still potent weeks later when i wear it again. Less floral, although there is some in there I think, and quite a sensual smell too - it often gets compliments and I love it on other men. But it's SO common, it just doesnt feel special.

    Anyway, to the point - I was recently in Harrods having lunch, and I thought I'd pop into the Urban Retreat perfume department. I was guided through various fragrances, and one i absolutely fell in love with was the Different Company's Rose Poivree. I adore the combination of the floral with the reassuringly masculine, pungent pepper, and it has a wonderfully sexy musky note too. It was a little short-lived, but i'd be willing to put up with that. Much more sophisticated than the fragrances I'm currently using.
    The downside? The price is just a little bit beyond what i'd like to be spending.

    So I'm wondering if anyone familiar with Rose Poivree can suggest something else that I might like, something floral but masculine, with a musky sex-appeal too - and more sophisticated than the Burberry or the 212.

    Please help! Thanks


    Just thought I'd add - another favourite is gaultier's Le Male, again the sensual powdery/musk in the drydown is what i like in it.
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    Default Re: ...similar to rose poivree?

    Have you tried Fleur de Male from JPG? If you like florals and Le Male then that's a bit of a no brainer for you.
    You may also want to try Rose d'Homme (Parfume de Rosines) which is stocked by Liberty's, Les Senteurs and branches of Cologne & Cotton. It's typically around 60 for 100ml EDP (not sure if it's available in 50ml).
    What's your budget?

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