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    Unhappy Scented Body Lotion For Men

    Why do Perfume companies don't create Body Lotion's of their Men's fragrances?

    Would love to have the Body Lotion of JHL, Van Cleef and Arpel PH and Opium PH!

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    Question Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    Good question! I also wondered why, but now I noticed that some cosmetic companies propose after-shave balms as body/hand lotions for men. After-shave balms and body lotions are pretty similar products, as they are scented oil/water emulsions. The only downside is the price. Usually the after-shave balms are carried in small bottles, and if I used the balm as body lotion, a bottle would last for just 2 applications.

    So... I use unscented body lotion or massage oil and then I spray my SOTD, so that it will last much longer.


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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    Most After Shave Balms I know are very, very strong scented. That is a big plus, but often the balms are so pricey, you can go with the fragrance bottle instead.

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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    I love YSL M7 'body lotion spray', it really moistrize & have a long stay creamy aroma of M7.
    there is a relaxing body gel from 'BODY KOUROS' , it is a great stuff, however it is discontinued now
    & ESCAPE has one too.
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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    I was in the Crabtree & Evelyn store the other day and the SA informed me that they have more of the men's skin-care line coming. Aside from body lotions I'd really like to see hair conditioner as part of these scented lines, it makes no sense to wash with a scented hair/body wash and have another hair conditioner destroy the scent.

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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    I have Royal Copenhagen Moisture Balm for the face and I'm getting YSL PH Moisturizer (perfumebay), but I think at 2 oz @ $15 this is really meant for the face as well.

    However, the Royal Copenhagen is in a large tube though and I got it with a $7 box set along with the A/S, soap and 2 bottles of cologne (I don't know why they package it like that.) I imagine at that price you could use it like a body lotion. I don't think it would clash if you were wearing either a barbershop-frag or a powdery one.
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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    Many fragrances simply aren't stable in lotion form. The logistics behind getting a uniform scent in a body lotion is very different from suspending the oils in alcohol, like in a perfume. They would likely have to tweak the recipe, and then it wouldn't smell the same, which would almost defeat the purpose.

    Some fragrances work in lotion form, but most don't.

    Another potential problem is that to make a lotion smell the same as a designer fragrance would probably be illegal in many cases. Many fragrances have synthetic chemicals and other material that is not allowed to be put in body lotion formulas because lotions are intended to cover the whole body, which would probably increase exposure past legal limits. That's why face balms are often available, but not body lotions.

    Hence why body lotions tend to have a simpler fragrance, or even simply use pure essential oils if you buy a good one.
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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    Mugler Cologne comes in a body lotion, as does Bvlgari Pour Homme.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    For JHL, simply get the Cinnabar body lotion over at the Estée Lauder counter.
    DK Men and Aramis had lovely body lotions. I wish the Aramis lotion would make a comeback. I wore it instead of the cologne, and it was wonderful.
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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    Another thought is to get a high quality unscented body lotion and combine it with the after shave balm of the frag you like - both to cut down on the "intensity" of the ASB, and to make it last longer in a larger quantity. the potential downside is (as Maxwell points out), you could potentially aggravate your skin if applying in sensitive areas

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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    Mugler Cologne body lotion is “to die for!”
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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    I've read somewhere you can saturate your alcohol based perfumes with salt, shaking it up to dissolve as much salt as it can, and letting the milky solution to set overnight.

    By the end you'd see a layer of oil seperated out at the top which you can pipette or maybe carefully decant the oil part into a scentless product.

    Doing this sepereates out most if not all the fragrance oils in the alcohol, and I'd recommend doing this only if you have way more than you could use, since most EDTs are only like 4% oil to alcohol anyway.

    I guess this could be an interesting way to see if you can produce parfum strength scents from lower concentrations. Say buy a huge bottle of EDT and extracting all the oils, then diluting it with some jojoba.

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    Default Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    I've heard that some people just spray the fragrance into a little bottle of unscented lotion, too. I can't vouch for how well it works, though. Just don't use too much.

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    Wink Re: Scented Body Lotion For Men

    The two latest suggestions may be useful even if these procedures seem a little bit complicated. The main issue is that a fragrance applied through an emulsion carrier may cause allergic reactions, because the oils in the lotion increase the absorbtion though the skin. I wouldn't do this. To spray over an unscented body oil/lotion is safer.

    Cheers. W

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