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    Default Has anyone visited this website/forum?

    Badger and Blade seems like it is an exact copy of Basenotes?! What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Has anyone visited this website/forum?

    The sites main focus is shaving utensils and cream. It does have reviews of a few fragrances but clearly Basenotes is far superior in that area. Apparently Penhaligons is the most discussed house there ...

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    Default Re: Has anyone visited this website/forum?

    I agree with ZZtopp, I visit there on occasion, and they have some interesting things regarding shaving. There was an interesting reference to D.R. Harris Pink Aftershave that got me to try it. Firms like D.R. Harris and Trumper as well as Penhaligon get more coverage there.
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    Default Re: Has anyone visited this website/forum?

    Nice website with lots of info and some beautifull pics

    Looks like they go wild over Penhaligons and Floris over there.
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