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    Default wine and frags in same cooler?

    Contemplating the purchase of a wine cooler to keep my wine in, but also want one for my frags. Does anyone keep their frags in hteir wine cooler, adn if so, have you ever noticed any perfuminess in your wine? (not so worried about wininess in my perfumes ) It sure would be easier to maintain, locat, and power one cooler instead of two...

    though wile on the subject, i did see at home dept a miniature wine cooler for $79, If anyone is contemplating hte purchase of one just for frgs. Too small for my wines Though,
    Maybe even too small for my frags.... (it holds 8 bottles of wine, 2 rows of 4).

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    Default Re: wine and frags in same cooler?

    Clear no. Wines should always be stored absolutely odor-neutral. My frag fridge has decidedly sweet- citric top notes and a whiff of an herbal-woody base, which is permanent, despite the frags, 80% of which are in their original boxes, being stored in airtight plastic containers.
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    Talking Re: wine and frags in same cooler?

    Wines often 'breathe' through cork stoppers, so...if you have any scent at all in the area of that intake to the bottle you risk tasting whatever it is that enters. I do not want my '63 vintage ports to taste of any Creed or Guerlain I have ever smelled. Who knows though...some perfumes are so delicious smelling they could possibly add interest to and otherwise insipid wine..?
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