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    Exclamation 'Petroleum' note in New West by Aramis?

    Everytime i wear this, there is a note in it that i would say is quite similar to 'petroleum' note....You know there is dry cleaning smell that comes from the clothes that have just been picked from a dry cleaner...its that sort of a smell...Has anyone else experienced something similar with this one?

    I wonder if this is the same 'petroleum' note of Fahrenheit.

    Also the top note reminds me of a top note in XS by paco rabanne....i thought they were juniper berries...but i just saw the notes triangle for New West and i dont see any berries here...what is it?

    I am just trying to make myself to learn how to identify distinct notes...


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    Default Re: 'Petroleum' note in New West by Aramis?

    I wore New West for years back in the 80's...I get no petroleum notes from NW or from Fahrenhiet, however many Basenoters do so perhaps its just my nose...

    I also get no 'dry clean' notes from it.

    Maybe you're smelling the combo of all of those herbs and calone (synthetic marine component) with the mint - giving it a possible 'starchy' smell to your nose?

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