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Thread: ocean smell

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    Default ocean smell

    My husband just came in from surfing and I as always when he first comes into the house all wet, I get the full on blast of ocean!
    yet when I smell "marine" notes in perfume,it is nothing like this ocean surfing smell. (and I am not talking sunscreen smell.)

    I understand that every ocean smells different, the California coast is a seaweedy mushed up ocean smell, the surf here in Hawai'i, smells lighter, saltier and sweeter.

    Any ocean scents recommened? and what do they smell like to you?

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    Hawaii - saltier : Creed Erolfa

    California - sea weedy : Creative Universe Mare and Bulgari Aqua

    These three are about all the fragrances you need to elicit that ocean smell.

    Apart from these, you might want to check out Bond no. 9 Hamptons (blackcurrants + cucumber kale)
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    Default Re: ocean smell

    Mare is the most accurate/authentic marine scent I've worn. The prominent sea salt on skin feel and smell being the key factor (sea salt is Mare's main ingredient). I've spent extended periods of time on the coast of northern Maui and Mare smells almost identical to much of that environment. The fragrance also has profound substance and tenacity. Like most great fragrances, Mare gets better with time, and the drydown is when it's at its best.

    Erolfa is an excellent scent. It's smells incredible coming out of the bottle and stays that way for forty-five minutes or so. During that period it has a ruggedness I can really get off on. I've worn it in massive quantities, but have a hell of a time getting any real satisfaction from it. I feel like I need to have the bottle with me at all times in order to maintain the slightest buzz. It gives some salt but nothing like the intensity of Mare. Though it lacks the brininess of Erolfa, I get far more general satisfaction from Millesime Imperial (also lacks longevity but it's a beautiful scent). Silver Mountain Water is also excellent, more unique, though it's also damn near impossible to keep the high with it.

    Aqua Motu is intriguing, fairly accurate (some salt and sweet) with good substance and longevity, but can become dense and mundane over time.

    Try them all or else you'll never know.
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    Default Re: ocean smell

    Just a hint of sea-breezes (Atlantic - North Carolina Outer Banks) in Figue Amere (Miller Harris)
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    Default Re: ocean smell

    Like pluran, I put Mare and Erolfa at the top of my list. Mare is a softer, gentler oceanic to my nose, whereas Erolfa is more harsh and craggy. Mare calls to mind a tropical beach, while Erolfa is the seashore on a blustery winter day, with breakers crashing against dark cliffs.

    I'd suggest testing both, and I'd be curious to hear how Erolfa strikes you, as it's not something I think of women wearing all that often.

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    I agree on Erolfa & Mare. Both are great marines. A very cheap but nice marine is Society Yachting. An "alternative" marine is Carthusia Uomo which opens up very much like Erolfa then slowly evolves down to a soft "fresh" scent much like Azzaro Chrome.

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    Today I tested Sel de Vetiver again and it really strikes me as a marine fragrance in the best possible way. It's cool and salty and reminds me of a stormy beach at Normandie, France.

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    I totally agree with Julia7, Sel de Vetiver is it. Salty, stormy seaside. Just close youe eyes for a deep breath

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    love Hamptons bond
    like Carhusia Uomo too
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    Default Re: ocean smell

    I find the easily-accessible Paul Smith "Extreme" PH (with the vertical stripes on one side of the flacon) to be extremely oceanic in its drydown. Not so much a "marine" or "aquatic" scent... instead its the scent of sand, sea salt and fragrant driftwood.

    Def worth a try

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    A third for Sel de Vetiver. I'd love to know how they've got that salty smell down - it's very different from calone-heavy marine fragrances in its approach to a sea-smell. Instead it smells of the sand and the salty air. Hope you get a chance to try some!

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    I found Profumum's Acqua di Sale to be the most amazing iodine-y marine smell. A couple of tiny dabs on my wrist, and DH always murmurs 'seaside....'

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    Default Re: ocean smell

    That sounds like Hermès Eau de Merveilles to me.
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    Default Re: ocean smell

    A few of those mentioned above are on my to-try-please-soon-wannatry wishlist ;D

    Dior Dune (extrait is lovely) in particular, and also Hermes Un Jardin en Mediteranee would be worth sampling. I like Eau de Merveilles but don't get ocean at all from it. I'm from the westcoast, think the Pacific around the 49th parallel, for reference.

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