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Thread: Pheromones?

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    Default Pheromones?

    I've been checking out pherotalk talk lately. Although my natural pheromone production is already pretty high(though I'm not sure what kind of pheromones, as according to the various types that can be found there, I'm giving off most are)[I also shower without soap most usually, which I can notice helps], I think it'd be fun to experiment with. Most particularly, Instant Female Magic sounds pretty interesting. Not that I need it or anything =D
    So, does anyone have experience with the pheromone sprays? They are a bit pricey for the size, but I probably wouldn't be using much anyway. I was thinking just buying IFM "to go" size for a cheap price. No?

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    English please...

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    Default Re: Pheromones?

    I've actually sampled some of their products! Although I really don't think anyone acts different around me when I'm wearing them, I think the SCENT of their products is FABULOUS!!! The "to go" trial sizes are pretty good for the money, too. Why not get two or three different ones so you can experiment with mixing them? Like, one spray of IFM and two sprays of Instant Openness (or whatever else you decide to get).
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    Thanks for the input, CJ.
    Quote Originally Posted by ajmc View Post
    English please...
    You can't be serious.

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    I'm a user of their products (and some found over at and I've kept copious notes of reactions around me and I'm convinced they work.

    Just don't expect magic. You still need to have some "game", but they will give you a slight edge.

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    I have gotten some waaay strong reactions when wearing pheromones. I love them. I got some Essence of Woman from love-scent, but it smells totally rancid and totally disgusting. HOWEVER, it gets insane results - men smell copulins and they are instantly captivated. Their reptilian brain tells them, "Alert! Fertile ovulating female in area! All systems GO!!"

    I like the products from Androtics much better because they smell nice. I have a bunch of their products, and I love 'em all. My only complaint is their Akuto fragrance. They totally hyped it on their site as being similar to Musc Ravageur, but to me it just kinda smells like bug spray. I ended up spiking all my "Akuto" fragranced pheros with Musc Ravageur to make them tolerable. I don't wear pheros that often because I find that they clash with my perfume too much. So...if I'm going out and I want to make an impression on someone, I will wear a skin scent like MKK and then wear a veil of pheromones over that.

    I highly recommend "Instant Shine" from Androtics for both men and women. It makes me feel great. The Neroli scent that they add to most of their products reminds me of Clinique's Happy. Not bad.

    The other two products that I recommend are A314 for men or MX-134 for women, which gives a highly-respectable, capable, trustworthy vibe.

    For a sex bomb failsafe for women... get Instant Sexiness in chocolatini. It's unbelievable. I spike my bottle with a little bit of Essence of Woman by Love-Scent. Some women tip an entire bottle of EoW into there, but I find the rancid-cheese scent of EoW to be so disgusting that I can only tolerate a few drops into the bottle - that way there are extra copulins, but they're covered up. The extra copulins from the EoW pushes the Instant Sexiness formula over the edge. It's amazing.
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    I've always thought the idea of pheromone perfumes to be kind of creepy. It seems kind of manipulative and unnatural. Like wearing someone elses skin.

    And even if they do work, what if you attract someone with it and then stop using the product... does the other person wonder where the "spark" or chemistry went then? Interesting to think about.

    Non-pheromone fragrances show your personal taste, in an artistic way, and often we wear fragrances for ourselves, just for the beauty of them. To me, It doesn't seem overtly manipulative like wearing artificial pheromones specifically to sexually attract people.

    At any rate, that's just my 2 cents on the subject.
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    Guys, I don't know which brand is good. WHich one is real or which one is fake, but two or three years ago there was an interesting and amusing science show on TV on a Dutch TV channel. If I'm not wrong it was live. In one of the shows one of te subjects was pheromones. They had 3 rooms and they have asked to 3 groeps of women to go into each of these rooms and score how sexy i the guy in the room. Later on we have seen that the guys were triplets, so they all looked the same, but clearly the women had chosen the one in the room with pheromones the most sexy and attractive one. Till that time I had doubts about the working of pheromones, but not anymore. But what they had used there was netura pheromones. I don't know if there is a difference between human and animal one and if the artifical one works as good as the natural one.

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    Thumbs down Re: Pheromones?

    I'm with Maxwell on this one. Personally I would be disgusted to hear I was seduced with synthetic chemical designed to do just that. I don't think this pheromone talk even belongs to this board.

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