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    Default Your fragance-dream...?

    What is your fragance-dream right now? What do you want from your wardrobe of perfumes?

    I have had more than 30 bottles as the most, and I get stressed owning so many, as there is no chanse in the world I will be able to finnish all of them. Slowly I am increesing my collection, keeping only the best ones of different types, so I always will have a perfect fragance in every situation. But instead I am getting the matching products to the very best fragances. At the moment I have 21 bottles, 14 bodylotions and 9 deos.

    My perfume-dream is for the moment to have 10 perfumes with all extra products. The problem is to choose wich ones....

    Having found some really fantastic classics, I no longer want to try everyting, and this is a nice "discovery". A new bottle must be better than what I already own.

    It has taken me over a year to get to this point... And perhaps I will have another perfumedream in a couple of months...??

    So I wonder, what is your fragance-dream?
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Margareta View Post
    What is your fragrance-dream right now? What do you want from your wardrobe of perfumes?....Having found some really fantastic classics, I no longer want to try everything, and this is a nice "discovery". ...It has taken me over a year to get to this point...
    Oh Margareta, you give me hope!!

    I've been here eight months and am just coming down off "gotta try/have everything"!! (Just resisted the impulse to buy a bottle of Fleurs de The Bulgare on EBay 'cause it was only $230 instead of $300.!!)

    I like your idea of arriving at a collection of just ONE from my favoritest groups with supporting lotions gels and what not. But I guess I've got a way to go! And I think there's really no place to get to, because I find (so far) that my tastes keep evolving.

    None of which is an answer to the question!!
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I'm getting to the point (finally) where although there are alot of bottles in my collection, it is a "working wardrobe". That means I parted with the "meh" scents and now I use everything I own. I had quite a few that juat sat in my cabinet. I cut my losses and let them go.
    I don't have a magic cut-off number, but I insist that I only own scents I love and actually USE.

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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I should probably thin the herd, myself! Despite recognizing that I am as much a collector as a perfume user, the growth in the collection is pretty scary.

    My "dream" remains the one true love scent and the erratic pursuit still goes on.

    Ebay is calling my name "Zibeline, enough is enough!", it's saying.and I will probably start selling off some scents in the fall when the weather is most advantageous for shipping scent without heat damage. Maybe I'll go the BN route as well.

    One nice thing...I fear buying in the summer, when this is a problem. So online purchases will soon fall like a rock.
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    Mine is to finally settle down and find a signature perfume.
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I'm still at the 'got to try everything' stage, but was thinking today that what I'd really like is just 5 or 6 fragrances that I can totally trust to do exactly what I need them to do to suit whatever mood or occasion, all of which would work as a 'signature' scent. I'm also looking forward to getting my bespoke fragrance made in a couple of months. Until then, I'm really enjoying trying fragrances I've never heard of before that others have lived with and loved for years. I'm finding that my nose is becoming more sophisticated and I'm becoming more discerning about what I think is a good fragrance. And I'm remembering fragrances I've tried in the past but didn't buy and wish I had - such as YSL Cinema, and Cacherel Noa. I intend to try them both again as soon as I can find them.

    So I think it might take me about a year to get to where you are now. Eventually, I will have a small number of perfumes I simply couldn't live without, and associated products to go with them for layering. And that'll be it. For now, I'm still working my way through tons of samples, in search of the perfect 'me' scent. And I'm having huge fun (my bank account is taking a battering though). :-)
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    Margareta, that sounds like the perfect dream.

    Although I'm not into the other products, I do have a couple of favourites for body lotions -- I love the formulation in the guerlains.

    I've tried to keep it reasonable and manageable (about 50 bottles and some decants). I know that I really love some scent families (leathers, orientals, woody, some florals) and think that with 50 choices, I can have them and my seasonal flings covered.

    Recently I've gone astray (and it's not yet over) and like Tinks, will probably have a big sale to weed out the ones that are sitting idle.

    I don't believe in having a HG and I know I cannot be monogamous to one scent, but I do know that I can limit myself to about twenty if I have to, with a handful of top favourites -- now if only I can have a bit of discipline in the meantime.
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I have too many perfumes to buy carelessly or casually any more. In a way, it's disappointing. When I go out on smelling expeditions, 75% of the things that I sniff are distasteful, 24% of them smell like something I already own, and the remaining 0.99% are too expensive to reasonably consider. I dream of paring my collection down to a few perfect staples:

    One perfect leather.
    One perfect musk.
    One vanilla.
    One white floral.
    One rose.
    One fruit.
    One incense.
    One citrus.

    Or, failing that, a fragrance for each mood: cool and businesslike, soft and vulnerable, sad and withdrawn, cozy, and romantic.
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    Although I only ever want perfumes that I adore to death, there are 2 other criteria for adding- or keeping- something in my collection. I have 4711 and Yardley April Violets on my dresser and although I would never wear them now, they are lovely reminders of my favourite scents a a child. (I also loved anais anais and Vanderbuilt as a child!) So that is criteria 1. The other is having bottles so gorgeous that I couldn't care less what the contents smell like! Oh, the beauty of it all!

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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I wish I had a beautiful place to display my perfumes, but they are in my closet where they are protected from light and temperature extremes. I do take some of them out of their boxes though, so I can enjoy looking at them once in awhile.

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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I think I'm up to about 20 now and I've already discovered there are some in my cupboard I just don't really wear. Those I will cull as I go on.
    There are also some I love but just don't last long enough.
    I am learning to be stricter with myself and learning from my mistakes as well.

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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I'm just coming off my "must try everything phase," which has lasted about two years. I am now giving some thought to trimming my 22-bottle collection. I have decided on a few that I will not replace when the time comes. (Eternity Moment, Dior Addict, Eau de Shiso, Valentino V)

    I would like to eventually have only:

    -a perfect green (probably Bvlgari Extreme as I'm finishing my second bottle)
    -a perfect woody scent (Dune by Dior? Bois des Iles?)
    -a perfect floriental (Kenzo Flower)
    -a perfect grapefruit (Pamplelune-- alas! Discontinued)
    -a perfect powdery/soft scent (L'Instant?)
    -a perfect soliflor (Mimosa of some kind? Or perhaps Linden?)
    -a deep gourmand
    -a perfect chypre (Mitsouko, I think)
    -a perfect tropical (an Escada, perhaps)
    -a perfect spice (a full bottle of Poivre Piquant, maybe)
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    My fragrance dream is to own all of the Malle's (except Noir Epices)
    most of the Lutens, a handful of Santa Maria Novella's Eau de Colognes
    and the female Creeds. As I said - it's a dream!!

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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    I am already way over a number of scents that I would consider reasonable and manageable, but IMO that's the beauty of it . And I still adore sampling, must sniff as much as I get my paws on, never throw a sample away but keep them as reference.
    However, sooner or later, I will have to find at least a dozen of unloved or once-loved bottles a new home.
    Otherwise my fragrance dream is every perfume house, niche or mass market, making their scents available in smaller bottles...not more than 1 oz!
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    My perfume dream is really a pure fantasy; that the old formulas of classic perfumes would be made again and readily available.
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    My fragrance dream is to own :
    5 signature day scents (3 commercially produced, 1 bespoke, and 1 of my own making)
    5 signature night scents (3 commercially produced, 1 bespoke, and 1 of my own making)

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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    Mmmm, bespoke. I'd love to have someone immensely talented (say, Maurice Roucel or Chris Sheldrake) make a perfume specifically for me. Of course, I'm so fickle that I would probably come back in three weeks asking for another one, which would insult Ze Great Man and force him to kick me out onto the street.

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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    Thank you, laidies, for sharing your perfumedreams! It seems like there is one dream for every perfumista, and it is really interesting and fun to read them!
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    Default Re: Your fragance-dream...?

    My perfume dream would be to have enough perfumes to satisfy every scented whim I have. If i want something that smells... red or black or green or whatever, I want a bottle that smells (in my mind at least) like that. Or sexy, or cute, or whatever else I might be feeling like that day.

    Oh, and a nice dresser to put them all on. that's be good.

    and yes, i'm the one who would happily have 100 different perfumes and wear every one of them (not at once, mind you!)

    Yup, I smell good!

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