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    Question Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Hi everyone.
    I'm looking for a green scent to wear during the summer months.
    The ideal scent would be something that smelled of fresh moist lawn clippings...peeled plant stalks...crushed wet leaves...maybe even a few flowers thrown in for good measure and have decent longevity. Doesn't neccessarily have to be a masculine scent.
    A green scent I loved way back, but has since been discontinued, was Gap's Grass. Didn't last too long, but I just LOVED that fresh air and freshly cut grass smell. I've sampled L'Artisan's Navegar and liked it alot.. but after like 40 mins, I could barely detect it on my skin. I've also tried Bond no.9's Gramercy Park and think it is a beautiful scent....but I think I want more green.
    By description alone, I'm really interested in Diptique Philosykos and CDG series 1 LEAVES: Calamus. What are your thoughts on these? Are there any others that you guys would suggest?

    Thanks in advance for the help guys.

    Peace and light,

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    Wink Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Creed´s Green Irish Tweed or Green Valley or Original Vetiver

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Great recomendations from Creed there.
    Also Diptiques L'Ombre dans L'Eau comes to mind. I have a few samples of it.
    Also I've been wearing Twill Rose quit a lot lately. It's very green and fresh, but you have to like the rose note for it.

    If you're looking for a green, earthy scent, ofcourse a huge possibility of vetiver fragrances come to mind?
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    Talking Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Floris JFK
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Frederic Malle Vetiver Ex.
    Thierry Mugler Cologne

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Try Miracle Aquatonic; this is one of the most green scents I know.Its underrated but really nice if you like green scents.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I agree with sniff, go for Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic. It has a lot of the grass clipping note in it, but the duration can be spotty.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    These are my favourite freen frags:

    Diptyque Virgilio - very green and herbal, lasts for a long time

    Guerlain Sous Le Vent - re-edition of a famous 1930s fragrance. Green and slightly bitter, like crushed leaves, in the drydown some spices. BN's directory labels it as a feminine fragrance, but it's definitely unisex

    Gendarme Green - thymes, basil, a cucumber note and the typical clean white musk drydown

    Creed Selection Verte - green with a strong citrus accord. Mandarin, lemon, bergamot, mint. One of the best Creeds around.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I don't know so much about grass clippings, but Yang is pretty good as well.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    You asked about Calamus, so I'll describe it.

    First of all, it's an amazing scent. Not only does it smell like grass, it smells like the grass of youth-- meaning it's not just the grass you smell when someone else has mown the lawn-- rather it's the wet dewy grass of Saturday morning that you slide on while playing tag or rough-housing with your friends. Or maybe it's you that is mowing the wet grass for money to buy your first electric guitar. It's grass, weeds, stems, and leaves. So clean. Maybe it reminds you of cemetery grass. Actually I find it almost heartbreakingly sentimental, because I feel like I'm 12 again when I smell this.

    In the basenotes of Calamus, there is something like chocolate/Count Chocula cereal. Also, this is one that has gotten many positive comments-- plus my brother borrows it often.

    There are a lot of excellent green scents out there, but Calamus may be the one that makes me feel the most nostalgic. It doesn't smell a damn thing like a life that has been burdened yet by adulthood. It's a specific outdoors smell, and it doesn't compromise one bit by trying to smell like a "cologne". Still, it's completely wearable. You have to try it.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    CK Truth... fits your criteria exactly


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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Burberry WEEKEND too.
    Current Top 5

    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Greenergy by Givenchy also fits your criteria...low cost, great longevity, sillage a little above "average". Somewhat hard to find, 50 ml bottles are the only new on the market right now.



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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Interesting thread. I certainly hope to sample Calamus and Miracle Aquatonic this summer. The latter is easier to get hold of. I vaguely remember Sous le Vent from a time when I respected gender categories religiously, but that impression is too dated to serve as a reference now. I suggest to sample the following:

    Sisley, Eau de Campagne - uniscent
    Balmain, Vent Vert- feminine

    I notice with interest that BN reviews for E d Campagne have been written mainly by men while Vent Vert seems to be the ladies' favorite. MM Matt's reviews are particularly interesting as he obviously knows both colognes well. Nobody less than Calice Becker has worked on the new edition of Vent Vert. As I find it a little soapy, in the way Mugler's cologne does, my preference shifted to Sisley's last year. But sadly I have used up my tester, and price is the only reason not to run for the bottle!
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Marlen Harisson of "Perfume" seems keen on Trophee by Lancome as a green scent. Also second the aforementioned Green Energy by Givenchy.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I love Green, Green Green by Miller et Bertaux, and Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca. Both are unisex.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    No one has mentioned 212! Grass, incense and flowers is what I get from it.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Quote Originally Posted by fraddicted View Post
    Marlen Harisson of "Perfume" seems keen on Trophy by Lancome as a green scent. Also second the aforementioned Green Energy by Givenchy.
    I have a miniature of Lancome's Trophée and to my nose there isn't much green, it is all bitter lemon, musk and sugar, lots of sugar.
    Something very similar to other popular 80's fragrants: Armani, Polo and Drakkar noir, a real power scent, bitter sweet and with a heavy sillage.
    I'd rather choose Cacharel pour L'Homme for an 80's "green" fragrant.

    My vote goes to Lancome's Miracle L'aquatonic as well...though I haven't, besides Mugler's Cologne, much references.
    I found out that Lancome's L'aquatonic works best for me on warm sunny days, on a light sweaty skin the sharp sugary musky top melts to somehing more creamy and soft and lasts very very long, on my skin that is.
    It is more green than Mugler's Cologne, which has more floral and citrus notes to it.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    CSP Barbier des Isles is my favorite green scent, especially in cooler weather.

    ^^^ 3 1/2 months later, this is so not true anymore. The heavy clove in BdI now ruins it for me.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I have smelled Philosykos and found it to be, in my opinion, more about FIG not green.

    Calamus, like IndieGuy stated is wonderful - please try it (you can buy a sample from I would add that it not only smells like grass in all its variations - but like tree sap. You know that smell when you break a thin tree limb and the mily sap gets stuck to your hand and dries. That smell. I also find it a very retro/nostalgic scent - however I got no 'Count Chocula' note in it. HIGHLY recommended.

    I wore Grass by the Gap and miss it terribly. To get my grass notes I wear:

    L'Eau d'Artisan by L'Artisan Parfumeur (pretty good longevity for a L'Artisan scent, I must say)

    Green, green, green and green by Miller Bertaux (someone above mentioned this - honestly it smells a lot like Un Jardin de Mediteranee by Hermes...)

    Vettiveru (cologne) by Comme de Garcons (very light...the smell of vetiver just shredded to pieces by a weed-eater)

    You might also check out a similar thread that just popped up in the Womens Discussion Board last week here:

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I'd recommend Goodlife by Davidoff. It's full of grass clippings, and a hint of citrus. Reminds me of eating a key lime pie on a freshly-cut lawn. Good stuff, and you can probably find it for cheap!

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Route du Vetiver by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier is grass clippings, grass roots, and the soil they've been growing on, to boot.

    Yerbamate by Lorenzo Villoresi is green with a remarkable complexity to it. Love it or hate it, but do try it!

    Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Essence Oil Bamboo is tropical exotic grass that'll take you to another continent.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    diptyque philosykos for freshness, yerbamate by lorenzo villoresi for depth

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    If only Paul Smith's For Men lasted more...more than a couple of minutes I mean...
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Guess Man.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    My favorites have already been mentioned so I'll just second the recommendations:

    Yerbamate by Lorenzo Villoresi
    Eau de Campagne by Sisley

    Both are excellent fragrances.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Have you tried Geoffrey Beene's Bowling Green? It has a great green grassy middle note with some dry spices in the dry down. While technically discontinued, it is still widely available and is a bargain.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    Gobin Daude, the most beautiful green fragrances ever created with poetic sensibility and botanic feel made of rare natural raw materials . discontinued but can be found every now and then on ebay.

    Sous le Buis ( Under the Boxwood)
    Description : Tamed nature, boxwood hedges freshly clipped, softness of barks, warm sun-baked stones...
    Family : Hesperidic, green.
    Contains : galbanum, lavender, sage clary, orange flower...

    Sève Exquise ( Exquisite sap)
    Description: A fresh greedy sap, a young resinous bud, sweet leaves ready to spread, promise of spring...
    Family : Green, chypre.
    Contains : orris, poplar bud, liatrix, vetiver...
    'luxury is an esthetic wrath' Serge Lutens

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I will second Miracle Aquatonic (just discovered this under appreciated gem), Givenchy Green Energy, GIT (of course!), Guerlain Vetiver (of course) and will add Hugh Parsons 99 Regent Street.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    I'll throw my favorite grassy fresh frag, Rochas Lui, into the mix.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a GREEN scent..

    My SOTD: Great Jones Could last a little longer though...

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