Well, I don't know how to start this topic. Please accept my apology for the bad writing.

First of all, I remember that a few months ago someone posted a thread with the link to ebay, and there you can see a bottle like ones in this picture:

Here, the seller said it is a perfume oil (brand name scents). In ebay, the seller said it was a bottle of Dior Homme (not perfume oil) if I am not mistaken. Who can help dig that thread?

I yearn to know what people are doing in perfume industry? How can they leak the formula of brand name scents?

Another type of bottle is this one, in brown glass, well sealed:

I have ordered 15 scents from this seller. She mixed the perfume oil and alcohol and sell them in different bottle sizes. She also sells these stuffs for you to blend by yourself. And I am thinking of trying to do it.

To my surprise, Be Delicious smells 98% like the original. And so does Hugo Energise. Other scents like Mania, David Beckham Instinct and etc are not so close to their originals.

Here many members are learning how to blend perfumes, so I am curious if you know anything about these perfume oils? Who produce them? And what about its quality compared to original formulas?

I have asked the seller but not sure if she would answer. So here I ask you guys. I'm not looking forward to making money out of this, just for simple knowledge and for self pleasure in creating my own scents in the near future.