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    I just got the CK Escape Body Bar yesterday and it smells great. It has a wonderfully fresh aroma. I have an outdoor shower amongst a tropical garden that really enhanced the experience. I want to get the Hair and Body Shampoo now. I have really started to appreciate this fragrance as of late. I had heard rumors though that it was getting discontinued. Anyone know the status on that? The freshness of it all reminds me a bit of New West by Aramis.

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    There have been a couple rumors on BN for a few years that Escape was going to be discontinued. I think I even heard from an SA at a store that I was going to be discontinued, but that was a couple years ago.

    But hey, its been a few years and its still around! IMHO it was the predecessor of AdG and still has its fans.

    Escape was one of my first frags; I think I got it when it came out. To me, there wasn't anything like it, and I absolutely loved the stuff.

    Now the EDT is a bit too strong & sweet for my tastes, but I'd imagine that something like the bath products would be lighter and quite delightful.
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    This fragrance used to have a great body line up. The shower gel was good and smelled so much better then the Eau de Toilette itself. Plus they had a muscle soak which you put a scoop into your tub and the water turned aquamarine and made your senses Escape this world....

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