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    Default Dunhill Desire vs. Escada Magnetism

    I have both scents. I bought the latter yesterday. And I must have been hypnotized when I was buying it.

    Back at home, I was immediately aware that I already had Dunhill Desire, which I think 95% similar to Magnetism.

    Do you find any similarity? Who own both of these scents? And which one do you prefer?
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    Default Re: Dunhill Desire vs. Escada Magnetism

    I find Magnetism is stronger on the Cola/grape notes, and don't see a huge resemblance to Desire, personally.

    I currently own Desire Blue, which shares many of the notes with Desire, but is easier to wear (not quite as cloying). Unfortunately, it lasts only a couple of hours on my skin Magnetism seems to last a lot longer.
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    Default Re: Dunhill Desire vs. Escada Magnetism

    To me, Desire (red) and Magnetism are very different. The former is too sweet for my skin to be versatile. However, it is the more modern of the two. Magnetism has fairly good reviews but ultimately I find it too weak and short lived, and more importantly, feels 'older'. I suspect the (slightly excessive) spices in it play a part. I also find it the more natural smelling of the two. Sadly, in the end I pretty much only used my magnetism just before going to bed.

    Desire blue is fresher and feels like a cool breeze. Incidentally, I find it quite similar to Montale Woods and Spices, albeit very slightly less sweet. I used it a lot in summer when I had it.

    I find both Desire (red) and Desire Blue are suitable for clubbing, having the player feels to them. While some forum members reportedly use Magnetism for clubbing, I find it more appropriate for intimate meetings. i find it very good for snuggling up with your loved one in front of a fire in cold winter.
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