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    Question Al Rehab - Saudi Perfumes

    Can anybody in the know about Arabian perfumery tell me whether this company produces quality stuff. I have non-alcohol perfume oils in mind - btw. I wonder whether the company is aware of the English meaning of rehab ?!?!
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    Default Re: Al Rehab - Saudi Perfumes

    They are excellent perfumes, but you better be aquainted with arab perfumes. If you are not familiar with those scents you may find them not to your liking.
    I've tried both the spray fragrances and the oils. The oils are somewhat better.

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    Default Re: Al Rehab - Saudi Perfumes

    I actually just tried them today, and no they absolutely do not make quality perfumes. However if you get into it relatively, their quality is much higher than what their price might suggest, as with most middle eastern perfumes. They're sold in our equivalent of 1 dollar stores.

    As with most middle eastern perfumers, their alcohol based fragrances are never smooth or well blended, alcohol perfumery is far from mastered by most middle eastern houses, save for Amouage, followed by a far stretch by ASAQ and Ajmal. However, their oils should be good since that's the more traditional middle eastern type of perfumes. I have not tried their oils, but looking at their prices they're also probably not that good. The only middle eastern oils I'd ever consider buying are ASAQ and Amouage.

    Those are really really cheap, even low end-middle eastern houses at least carry a few oils that are worth $200-$300 for a tola. And yeah I know $10 for a tola of oud oil or Ambergris oil sounds really good. But I got like 20 vials of those (they're usually given as gifts, just like chocolate) and boy are they bad. An oud or ambergris that was not aged properly will smell very harsh, somewhat fecal and very dense that your nose will not be able to smell anything that sweet, medicinal poo.

    I'd say their sprays are ok if you want some cheapies, but avoid their oils. Oils are supposed to be of high quality, and even then they're not easy to wear alone. Of course I'm speaking of Oud, musk and Ambergris here, I don't enjoy florals, but a low quality floral oil won't be that bad. $20 might sound like a good deal for an oil that's almost impossible to find in the west, but really they're bad if you have access to better products from the same website.

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    Default Re: Al Rehab - Saudi Perfumes

    great point!!

    Most oils that are sold on BN and west are fecal, harsh , barnyard oud and musc oils.
    often members complain about Amouage pure oud being blended and therefor not " pure " fecal no barnyard smell.
    this could be because amouage chooses the purist oils, aged and good quality.

    but if we think quality oud should be fecal and barnyard like... then maybe we just dotn recognize the real thing here ???

    same with thaqueel,
    often memers prefer the syrup like oil.
    that is a mixture of oil and water... because they cook the oud chips in it becomes a mixture of
    water and oil... but what u need to extract from the wood is the oil.... and the waters in it.

    the oil is what gives the smell... and u need to filter it again from the watery oily mixture.
    so thaqell ( tick or heavy ) say only it is tick or heavy.... that doesn't say much about the quality of the wood that is used
    and the quality about how much essential oil is on the mixture u get in the vial .

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    Default Re: Al Rehab - Saudi Perfumes

    I have some of their oils and yes I think they are high quality and very potent. The first one I got is my favorite one thus far and that is Nebras. a heady rose with warm amber notes a very complex floral it is very strong, and I got it got 3.35. It is so worth it! I am currently reviewing more on my blog but Al rehab is worth looking into. If anyone is interested in a swap for some that I have that I have only sampled please let me know.

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