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    Default Olivia Giacobetti interview/article in House & Garden mag

    Ms. Giacobetti is an amazing nose (she created the scent I happen to be wearing this very moment: L' Passage D'Enfer by L' Artisan Parfumeur)

    I haven't read the whole article, but the first three paragraphs are excerpted on the House and Garden website. I think this is the June issue - the cover says 'Special: The Tastemakers'.:

    Anyone out there read the whole article?

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    Default Re: Olivia Giacobetti interview/article in House & Garden mag

    "Consider this: her favorite smell is water. In particular, sweet-salty scents from the sea." ; interesting, I wonder what she thinks of Millesime Imperiale.

    Fou D'Absinthe didnt make my head spin - Dzing! had a better shot at that.

    Are there any similarities between The Essence of Galliano and Dzing ! ?

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    Default Re: Olivia Giacobetti interview/article in House & Garden mag

    Somehow , the fragrances I tried from her, didn't work for me , cause they bored me silly in the end.
    Fou d'Absithe, Idole the Lubin, Passage d'Enfer , Dzing. They're ok, but nothing more to me. Can't have it all!

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