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    Default city shopping trip

    hi guys.I will be travelling to the city soon and will for the first time get to try guerlain,creed etc.To give me a head start i am after something versatile,not heavy winter only or light summer only.of my current wardrobe i feel platinum egoiste is very versatile so maybe something similar.i really like the sharp note in pe but not sure what that is lol.thanks for any suggestions
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    Default Re: city shopping trip


    I presume you are going to Sydney?

    You can only smell Creed at Harrolds in Martin Place, they also stock Lorrenzo Villoresi and a few other niches. They are expensive.

    DJs and Myer obviously have a big range of designers. DJs also have Acqua di Parma, L'Artisan and a few other niches, there is a Mecca Cosmetica store that has Serge lutens and CdG.

    Looking for versatile fragrances? A must try is Terre d'Hermes, although if I were you I wouldn't pay full retail, you can get it cheaper on the net, even if it comes from overseas.

    Creed GIT is very versatile, but you will pay $200+ at Harrolds vs $100 on international ebay.

    Dunhill Edition is very versatile, and again, cheaper over the internet ($25 on Aus ebay).

    Try all the Chanels, Guerlains and YSLs, you can't go wrong with any of them.

    And if you like Platinum Egoiste, you might like Paco Rabanne XS, which can be had for ridiculously cheap prices at local chemists and internet. It's quite like Creed Himalaya.

    I'd use your visit as a testing experience, but buy cheaper over the net.

    Top 10 (not in order): Dunhill 1934, Dunhill Edition, Terre d'Hermes, Rive Gauche, Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Knize Ten, Bois du Portugal, Vintage Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed

    Summer Rotation: GIT, Aventus, Erolfa, Vetiver 1948, Guerlain Vetiver, Malle VE, Terre d'Hermes, Bvlgari PH, Bvlgari Acqua, Habit Rouge EDC and Sport, ADP Colonia Assoluta, Chanel PMC, Dunhill Edition, Eau Sauvage, TF Azure Lime

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    Wink Re: city shopping trip

    Thanks for your help and suggestions ged, much appreciated
    ~~Penniless but smell Fantastic~~

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