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    Default Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    I recently got a sample of Polo Blue.
    Kinda weird since it's a fragrance from 2002 according to the basenotes directory.
    Maybe they relaunched it?

    I was shocked to see the fragrance notes. There must be more notes in it.
    I find it a very good and manly fragrance but the reviews are very bad. I was about to buy it but those reviews kinda stopped me. Too generic? Too simple? Boring scent? Wow.

    For some reason, it reminds me of Paco Rabanne Black XS.

    What do you think about Polo Blue?

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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    polo blue is a mediocre scent... the top notes smell pretty nice but the rest of the fragrance leaves me wanting more. after the initial "piney", fresh notes burn off (rather quickly) all i am left with is a very generic and shallow base. there is not much depth i feel, and the longevity is subpar. i would take black XS over this in a heartbeat.

    on the otherhand, if you are still drawn to the scent and can get a REALLY good deal on it it may be worth while. personally, i'd spend my money on something else with more personality (and that is better constructed).
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    Dont like it. It has that hint of "Old Lady spicey annisette" scent in its drydown this drydown scent is also found in Fresh Attitude that just came out IMHO. It's that last tinge of drydown that is ekk to

    Polo Sport and Double Black are the best IMHO as far as The Polo's go.
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    well, hey, to each their own, right?
    For me, Polo Blue was a total letdown. I used to LOVE Polo green and RL's Monogram and was pretty thrilled about a new scent. I was largely unprepared for what this was. At first I thought, "hmmm. Not bad, not what I expected." This has largely shifted to displeasure.
    However, I should amend that most all of RL's newest men's fragrances from Polo Sport on have a drydown which comes off as a really sweet powder to me. Sometimes a powdery drydown can be luxe-y, like Guerlain's, but RL's just hit the back of my sinuses and make me choke.
    This all said, however, RL makes gazillions of dollars off his fragrances, so clearly there are many who disagree with me. When I'm out and a man's cologne makes the back of my throat tickle? I'd put money on it that it's a RL product.

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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    Sweet powdery is a good way to describe RL's new fragrances. Polo Sport will always be a favorite to many, perfect right out of the gym or on the go.

    I find Double Black to be a fragrance that can get VERY tiring to wear. That Mango vanilla powder drydown is sweet, yes, BUT I think thats a scent you cant use everyday, ya know?

    I wore it to work 2 weeks ago and the guy who was at work asked what I was wearing cause he wanted to get it!! he said it smelled clean and fresh..somethin' like that.

    For some reason I just cant bring myself to buy this D.Black! lol It just doesn't get me out to the store to purchase it. It reminds me of Obsession-ish or of the 80's colognes or even sweet like PI.???

    Funny, with all his colognes right......if I had to go and buy one of them Sport would be that cologne.
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    I wore Polo Blue a lot last summer. I REALLY enjoyed the cucumber in it. But, all-in-all, it really is a generic scent, & there are better light frags to be worn.
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    I think it's fine. That and Double Black are my favorite Polos.

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    Wink Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    I don´t hate this is an o.k. scent. My girlfriend like this one very much. Is not that bad like everybody reviews here.
    Some of the basenoters reviews Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur to highest...i smelled this one...this is more for a woman than a man...also the sales manager said that...sooo sweet...believe your own nose...and check what the people around you have to find out...everybody got a different taste...only your taste is important...if you like this scent (Polo Blue), than buy it...

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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    I personally enjoy Polo Blue. I find it refreshing and it lasts for a decent time on clothing. It's real easy to pick out though because of its prominent cucumber note. People have actually guessed my cologne when I was wearing it so that reflects the degree of its popularity. While it's not the most daring scent, I think it fares its own against others in the fresh scent category.

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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    I rather like it as well. I'd swear there is a berry sort of top note, kind of like the skin of a blueberry, but not the inside of a blueberry.

    I have a mini of this which I'll eventually use up, and then get a full bottle.

    Very very aquatic so no doubt it gets a bum rap on BN. Duration is iffy, but sometimes it manages to last half the day on me.

    Probably my favorite from RL, although the original Polo is riding high right now; I just got a full bottle this weekend.
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    Polo Blue did not appeal to me. Lasts for a decent amount of time. Cucumber really comes through. . .I am not big on fragrances with patchouli and I can smell it in there. . .
    it is fresh and aquatic.

    I ended up using the deodorant after work outs. . .people do seem to like it though. . .
    I do not. . .

    its not bad just does not excite me. . .I dont like much of anything from RL right now. . .

    crest was OK back in the day . . .as I remember. . .

    my dad has Safari. . .at first I thought it was OK now it just smells old fashioned to me.

    My uncle used to wear Polo Green and I liked it. . .I tried it last year and disliked it.

    I swear its the Patchouli I object to. . .most fragrances with Patchouli I dislike.

    Smells old fashioned. . .or 60s hippie like
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    I've enjoyed Blue since Day-1........ Halfway through my second bottle...........

    Clean, understated, anytime, anywhere..........and noticeable in all the right ways...............
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    Polo Crest seemed to get it right....

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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    Polo Blue smells good. Good work scent. Good church scent. Good golf scent.

    Not a sexy scent, really. Just a good, solid every day scent. To me, it's not very special.

    It's like a "work horse" scent. One you can splash on and forget about. Just about everyone will find it pleasant, you'll offend no one, but you won't be that excited about it, either.

    I've owned it least 3 times and sold it away each time. That should tell you something about me and about Polo Blue!
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    Default Re: Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren

    It's nothing exciting to me, although I did like it at first.
    Trust your own nose, though. If you enjoy it, don't worry about what the reviews say.
    It's certainly not an off-putting or disagreeable scent. Just nothing that interesting to me.
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