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    Default lanvin arpege ph in the summer?

    there's a 50 ml bottle available at tj maxx for $15, and i'm looking for something to complement live jazz and eau d'hongrie for my summer wardrobe.

    reviews suggest this might bloom too much in the heat, but a poster here suggested it's a good "winter frag for summer wear". my other alternative is a 75 ml of marc jacobs that can be had for about twice as much. i already own boss bottled, and perhaps it might be too similar to arpege?

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    Default Re: lanvin arpege ph in the summer?

    The drydown of Arpege is really heavy on vanilla, tonka, sandalwood. I would be extremely light on application in warmer weather. This one got cloying after 5 hours in cooler weather on me. I just wish Arpege was a little more interesting in the base. The top and middle notes are really classy and smooth, and then it falls away into generic vanilla land IMHO.

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    Default Re: lanvin arpege ph in the summer?

    Bought it last summer;used it a few times and received some positive reactions.Its very powdery and thats great for low and mid temperatures but the sillage is VERY strong when the weather is on the hot side.Its usable for a cool summer evening but spray just a little.Arpege is great if you like powdery;its not fresh!!There are better options for summer;this summer I leave it in the box till coming fall.

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    Default Re: lanvin arpege ph in the summer?

    no way to think in arpege for a summer.... the woody-strong spicy base will make it very very heavy on skin....
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    Default Re: lanvin arpege ph in the summer?

    OMG - Marc Jacobs even at twice the price is no contest.

    Marc Jacobs is an excellent fragrance, especially for summer. It's in my top 10, maybe top 5 overall. Arpege is an ok fragrance, but it is certainly a flawed fragrance - and iffy for summer for the reason you mention. It is very syrupy, not something usually associated with summer.

    Seriously, go for the Marc Jacobs if the price is not too steep!

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