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    Default Nostalgic for Revlon Fragrance

    Back in the late 70s/early 80s, one of my favorite perfumes to wear was "Scoundrel" by Revlon, the one created for Joan Collins (remember her commercials). I would love to know what the fragrance note breakdown is on this perfume, but cannot seem to find it anywhere on the net, not even in BN's fragrance file.

    Could anyone help me?

    Ive seen it sold on eBay and on several websites selling vintage fragrances, but I'd kind of like to see if I can replicate it myself.

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    Default Re: Nostalgic for Revlon Fragrance

    Revlon launches Scoundrel fragrance in 1980. The fragrance was advertised by the actress Joan Collins, also known as Alexis Carrington from the very famous TV soap "Dynasty." The scent is advertised under the slogan "Seize the moment" as witty and successful, designed for women with great personal style. Joan Collins describes it as sophisticated, elegant and a bit sexy.

    Top notes: aldehydes, pineapple, bergamot, artemisia, mint and marigold. Heart: jasmine, hyacinth, mimosa, peach, cyclamen, lily of the valley, rose and tuberose. Base: cypress, cedar, oak moss, musk and raspberry.

    The fragrance is available as pure perfume, and as a cologne spray since 1981.

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