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Thread: Hawaiian Scents

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    Default Hawaiian Scents

    Looking for a cologne that smells like Hawaii, anyone have any ideas. I want one rather dearly so please help me out here. I haven't really had a chance to browse for one, but anyones suggestion is very welcome.

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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    Eau des Merveilles by Hermes
    Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche by Estee Lauder (Tom Ford)

    Both of the above fragrances are marketed to women, but they are NOT feminine. They both exude that combination of salty skin / sand and ASEF has a subtle coconut note too. They both are perfect for spring/summer climates in (and out of) Hawaii.

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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    Aqcua di Sale by Profumum. Price is ridiculous because it is really a "skin" scent, but this is really salty, slightly oiled skin. Like if you went tanning for an hour or so, this is what your skin smells like when you come back. It's really good stuff, but I don't know if you could justify $195 for it. Other than that, I would go for a light floral of some kind... Geranium, maybe violet comes to mind.
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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    What do you think Hawaii smells like? Salt air? Flowers? Volcanic Smog?
    If it is Plumeria (Frangipani) you seek look no further than Annick Goutal's SONGES. Inspired by a walk thru a Plumeria grove and that is what it smells like. Also look for amything featuring Sambac Jasmine (Pikake).
    If oceanic is your bent, then it has got to be Creed's EROLFA. Smells just like being on the North Shore of Oahu.
    You're on your own for the smog thing.
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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    If it's tropical you're after, try Creed's VIW or Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's Bahiana. (See the current comparison thread on this board.)

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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    Yeah, I was heading more for the floral scent. Not so much smog. Haha. Thanks for pointing it out though. But yeah, I just remember waking up for a sunrise, and the flowers were just perfect. GAH! Nothing can really replicate that but whatever gets closest.

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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    I'll add Montale's Jasmine Full to the list... a bit feminine, but definitely reminded me of a lei that was bestowed upon me by a friend when I visited Oahu...

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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    Some find that Laguna Homme is a good "Island" scent. It's not a big favorite
    of mine, but it has its followers.

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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    Aria di Mare-IL PROFUMO.
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    Default Re: Hawaiian Scents

    Never been to Hawaii, but if Hawaii = pineapple cocktail, then perhaps L'artisan Ananas Fizz will do the trick.

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    Wink Re: Hawaiian Scents

    what vibert wrote its true...try:
    Creed Virgin Island Water or Original Vetiver (Haitian Vetiver)
    MPG Bahiana
    CSP Aqua Motu
    IL Profumo Aria di mare
    Montale Sandflowers
    LA Ananas Fizz

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