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    Default Cuir Beluga

    I got a sample of Guerlain's Cuir Beluga from a kind SA at the Champs Elysees store some weeks ago and didn't care much about it because I found it cloyingly sweet at the first sniff.
    I'm going to Paris next week (considered to buy a bottle of Bois d'Armenie) and went through my samples to be well-prepared for the several perfume houses I'm planning to visit . I also sampled Cuir Beluga again and was surprisingly intrigued by it. It is sweet and vanillic indeed, but the animalic undertone adds some gloomy aspect that is quite captivating and didn't reveal the first time. Now the vial is empty and I can't delve further into the fragrance.
    Any impressions / opinions here on CB?


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    Wink Re: Cuir Beluga

    I had a meltdown when I visited the Guerlain flagship. Have you been before? It is a real spectacle - I mean that in a positive way. I have no experience with CB, but I'm spot on curious about it.

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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    I've never been to the legendary flagship store before, but it will be my first target... can't wait to be there!

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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    I "like" Cuir Beluga, I even like it quite a bit ... I just can't say I love it however, because I'm so disappointed that the leather note is so brief. I really don't even consider CB a leather scent. To me, the main stars are the vanilla and amber with a nice dose of immortelle or everlasting flower. Immortelle is a floral note that I am becoming quite fond of. The CB I tested came from a small sample vial that I dabbed on, I wonder if I would feel any different if sprayed?

    Cuir Beluga really reminds me of my L de Lolita Lempicka, which seems to share many of the notes, including the immortelle.
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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    Cuir Beluga impressed me as having a lot of subtle interplay between the notes: wisps of immortelle add an herb-like earthiness to the slight bitterness of the subtle leather note while the heliotrope adds a different kind of herbal sweetness to the vanilla (It's a very good, non-foody vanilla note.) There's also a somewhat play-dough like note which slowly morphs into a beautiful, delicate smoky haze during the drydown. Modern, but offering lots of glimmers and ghosts of the "big perfumes" of the past ... subtle stuff.
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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    Immortelle and heliotrope... that's it.
    Thanks all for your input! I'll try it again at the Guerlain store and then follow my intuition

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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    I'd love to hear more comments about this scent. I rarely hear us guys talk about it, and we talk about a lot of leather scents.

    It sounds delicious. And expensive.
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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    I'd love to hear more comments about this scent. I rarely hear us guys talk about it, and we talk about a lot of leather scents.

    It sounds delicious. And expensive.
    Mike, CB isn't really a leather scent. Like with most of the other L'Art et la Matière fragrances the name is misleading. Indeed it is a delicious, unsweet (and expensive ) vanilla scent, easy to wear and a good choice for the cooler months.

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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    Just for the record, here's my review of Cuir Beluga:

    I completely agree with Vibert on this. The immortelle (everlasting flower) and almondy heliotrope are the perfect foils for the soft leather of CB. The creamy character is due to these two elements, I believe. Immortelle is used to round out florals, chypres, and ambers. It possesses a syrupy, honeyed, and slightly nutty aspect with hints of tobacco and red berries. Not overly fruity, it piques the nose just enough to give the impression of a fruity richness while hardy revealing the fruit on a conscious level. Heliotrope's almond touch reinforces the nuttiness and adds a soupçon of cherry pie (again, subtly and just under the radar).

    Amber and vanilla in the base, of course. Would this be Guerlain without them?
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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    Thanks guys - so the name is a little misleading then. I must order a decant of this soon.

    It sounds really comfy and I'm drawn towards gourmands that aren't so typical smelling.
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    Default Re: Cuir Beluga

    As the review JaimeB referenced reveals, I'm quite fond of Cuir Beluga. It's a gentle, soft textured scent, more suede than leather, rich, smooth and luxurious. I purchased a bottle for my wife, who would not wear a more edgy, animalic leather like Cuir de Russie.

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