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    Exclamation Calvin Klein to launch new men's signature fragrance

    Calvin Klein to launch new men's signature fragrance
    Grant Osborne

    Calvin Klein will launch a new men's signature fragrance - Calvin Klein Man - this autumn. The fragrance was overseen by Ann Gottlieb (who was behing many of CK's classic fragrances) and Firmenich.


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    Default Re: Calvin Klein to launch new men's signature fragrance

    Hopefully it will be what Euphoria for men is not. Euphoria for women is actually quite nice and the men's version is a big disappointment to me.

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    Default Re: Calvin Klein to launch new men's signature fragrance

    Oh give it a break Calvin!

    Your men's fragrance market is bombing because you are saturating the market with too many men's fragrances.

    No originality and watered down light scent is the reason the key to your falling empire. None of your recent creations are ever to be a classic let along last on the market.

    Prime examples..Truth Men and the latest let down under your name Euphoria for men (this would have been great if it lasted longer).

    Give it up die out gracefully from the scene - the gig is over - leave the building!
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    Default Re: Calvin Klein to launch new men's signature fragrance

    I agree! IMHO.

    Calvin Klein has "Jumped the shark" IMHO. The constant cranking out of fragrances has made it a Corporate scent. They lost me when they came out with CK One.

    Now it's Euphoria or Obsession Night (which is Obsession with a coconut scent). I mean why mess with the original Obsession from the 80's??? I never checked on Eternity if they messed with that?

    I'm glad I was there for the beginnings of Obsession for Men, Eternity for men in the 80's...those were what Le Male is like today....thee most favored all around club scent or bar scent.

    Now there's soooo many damn colognes out. lol It's like there was a rumour of people starting to go in numbers to wineries so all of a sudden theres a deluge of wines cranked out one after the other...after a while it loses it's worth.

    People kill Unforgivable by S. Jean but you know what...theres a million Creeds out there and but one Unforgivable! lol I like that...maybe the beginning of Unf. smells like IM from Creed but who cares? It's Unforg. dry down that smells nice. 1 cologne with integrity...not many cranked out one after the other.

    Might I say Michael for men as well...2001 it came out and I do believe he didn't go crazy cranking out 1 after the other.
    The search for the perfect cologne is like a composer searching for the ultimate note.

    P.S. F' Imus...Stern is King!

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