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    Cool Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Are fragrances like Fleur De Male, Dior Homme, and Antidote (amongst others) really womens fragrances masquerading as mens perfumes ?

    The following article discusses the current trends in fragrances for men. Some interesting snippets from the article :

    To answer the age old question: What to wear for office and formal meetings ? (this might apply only to North American office etiquette):

    "With that in mind, men might want to be careful about wearing the newest scents to the office. "For work, keep it clean and serious," says Samantha von Sperling, an image consultant in New York. Anna Soo Wildermuth, a consultant in Elmhurst, Ill., suggests men apply any scents lightly for work and choose "a soapy smell, like Irish Spring." "

    And a few words on Dior Homme, which is one of my current favorites:

    "Bob Roberts, a 33-year-old computer-security engineer in Jessup, Md., who took a chance with one of the newer scents, says it took some getting used to. When he first sprayed on Christian Dior's Dior Homme cologne, his wife said it smelled too flowery, "like a women's perfume."
    But after it settled in, the couple no longer smelled the iris and began to detect hints of cocoa and leather. Now, whenever Mr. Roberts sprays himself, he waits a half hour before getting too close to his wife."

    Dior Homme is rated as "a safe bet for men who like strong scents" by the authors of the article! :toppie:

    * Also check out the "Jaywalking" style video accompanying the article in which the journalists solicit comments on fragrances from Wall Street professionals !
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Great article - thanks for posting it.

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    Wink Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Samantha von Sperling, an image consultant in New York, sounds like a Molly Shannon/SNL character! Just what the world needs, an HR person telling them how to smell! Madonna Mio!

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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    "a soapy irish spring"??????????? How positively boring.
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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    I'm thinking of getting Dior Homme and Antidote. Thanks for the article,very interesting.
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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Interesting, thanks! I myself don't feel comfortable with rather feminine scents, though I can accept their artistical beauty. For example Fleur du Male is a really nice flowery scent - on a woman. It can evoke warm memories, which is one of the most important features of scent.
    Also, I wouldn't wear Prada, which is rather feminine, though the drydown of which is a not really pleasant sweet mesh for me.

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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    I mentioned in a another thread about the first time I wore Dior Homme on a semi-date. I think I heard the girl and her friend talking about it in a negative light. I didn't care because I wanted to get rid of the girl anyway, and she wasn't exactly the intellectual type. I thought I heard the words "who would wear something like that." Maybe she thought it was feminine and as a result that was strike three. Who knows. I haven't really worn Dior Homme since that.

    Prada Amber pour Homme... I really like it, but when I first sniffed it, my immediate mental picture was (don't get mad, I'm not trying to be stereotypical)... an elevator door opening and inside is a really effeminate smiling gay man and his freshly shampooed and manicured white poodle. Well, that's what it smelled like to me-- the first time. Kind of girly and something of a dog shampoo.

    Then after a while, I retried the sample of Prada and found something very luxurious about it. While it is a bit feminine, it also reminds me of an expensive shaving cream. I do think it has to be worn for a full day to work its magic. Maybe it's partially the purple color, but it makes me think of Easter. Also it has that candy cigarette/gum smell. But yeah, I did laugh the when the SA tried to pass this off as a men's fragrance.

    While I don't wear Dior Homme because of that bad experience, I do reach for the Prada quite often. It's got versatility and I like how smooth it is--yet I can pick out so many of the notes. Still, sometimes I do get that hint of poodle shampoo.

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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Lady von Sperling, the cute little sparrow, makes my day! I wonder if she really knows what's in Old Spice, Brut and Tuscany? The trend towards uniscents will soon be a mass phenomenon.
    But different from fashion, some perfumes never die, and v e r y feminine or v e r y macho will be back in a few years! I don't care as long as I have a broad variety to choose from, and nobody gets stoned for olfactory cross dressing. The best in this article were the people. Spoken sentences are not as absolutely definite as written statements. That came through very well, a good way of reporting. Thanks zz!
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    Smile Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    I thought that the story was a bit stilted to try and get a negative reaction out of the Wall Street types. If you're going down to Wall Street, wouldn't you bring at least one Creed? I guess they did, Unforgivable. The video is much more telling than the story. In the end, the conclusion I came to was, if you put something, that isn't re-inforcing a stereotype, in front of a mainstream American, you get confusion. Dior Homme is so 80's that way - remember the New Wave gender-benders: Annie Lenox in a man's suit and tie and Boy George in full-drag? The big difference this time is that everyone seems to be on Zoloft.
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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Quote Originally Posted by rosbergs3 View Post
    "a soapy irish spring"??????????? How positively boring.
    Hilarious. I don't want to be "fresh and clean as a whistle".

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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    I agree, the video clip was more interesting than the article. Thanks for posting it!
    Arte et labore

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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    I was actually interviewed for this article (seriously), but they didn't use my two cents. Figures.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Irish Spring? Yuck!!!!!!! I'm glad I don't work with or have to please this women......Boring is right......Dior Homme Flowery? What's wrong with my nose? It is really interesting to read what different peole think about fragrance.......we all see and smell things in a different way....that's for sure.

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    Default Re: Scent of a woman - Sold for a man

    Quote Originally Posted by MFfan310 View Post
    I was actually interviewed for this article (seriously), but they didn't use my two cents. Figures.
    I'd like to hear what you had to say!!!
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