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    Default Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    I always wonder if you can pin down someone's specific style by taking a census of the houses and noses represented in their wardrobe. Here's my effort at such a census:

    The Houses

    Serge Lutens: 6 full bottles, 1 decant, 1 on wish list, 8 total
    L'Artisan: 3 full bottles, 2 decants, 0 on wish list, 5 total
    Dior (Vintage & Classic): 3 full bottles, 0 decants, 1 on wish list, 4 total
    Caron, Chanel, & Guerlain: 3 full bottles each, 0 decants, 0 on wish list, 3 total for each house

    The Noses

    Chris Sheldrake: 6 full bottles, 1 decant, 1 on wish list, 8 total
    Olivia Giacobetti: 3 full bottles, 2 decants, 1 on wish list, 6 total
    Edmond Roudnitska: 2 full bottles, 2 on wish list, 4 total
    Maurice Roucel: 2 full bottles, 1 on wish list, 3 total
    Jean Carles, Jacques Guerlain, Ernest Daltroff: 2 full bottles each, 2 total for each nose

    It seems pretty apparent that I love the lush, weird, over-the-top quality of Sheldrake with Lutens. I also like the more subtle, transparent strangeness of Olivia Giacobetti and L'Artisan, and the clean, pulled-together chic of Roudnitska with Dior. The old-world stylings of Caron, Guerlain, and Chanel fall a bit behind, but they are well-represented.

    So, what do your numbers say?

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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    I think it would depend (at least partly) on how long the person had been collecting and such. Myself, I have been collecting for a little over a year, and, because of where I live (Australia) I have few in the way of "niche" scents. They tend to be VERY expensive and hard to get here. So, I have lots of Dior, YSL, etc. Yes, I love Miss Dior and Nu, but, partly, that is because I am just now figuring out how to sample Montales, FM, etc. so, I don't know. Where was I going?

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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    My numbers look like this:
    Comme des Garçons - 27
    Serge Lutens - 21
    L’Artisan Parfumeur - 15
    Annick Goutal, Caron - 11
    Etro - 10
    Guerlain - 9
    Gobin Daudé, Les Parfums de Rosine - 5

    What do they say? You decide.
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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    I may be the only Kenzo junkie here- I think I have everything they ever made in either bottle or decant or lotion, except Ca Sent Beau, which went all skanky on me for some reason, and King Kong, which I can't find. Shiseido and Hanae Mori are very big in my collection, too. I even have Guerlain's Cherry Blossom- does anyone sense a Japanophile??
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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    Bottles that I currently own (I don't count decants, only full bottles):
    • Serge Lutens: 7
    • Bvlgari: 2
    • Annick Goutal: 2 (although both are bottles of Songes EDP!)
    • Montale: 1
    • Frederic Malle: 1
    • Thierry Mugler: 1
    • Cartier: 1
    • Kiehl's: 1
    • L'Occitane: 1

    Noses whose work I own:

    Christophe Sheldrake: 7
    Camille Goutal / Isabelle Doyen: 2
    Alberto Morillas (Blv Notte): 1
    Sophia Grojsman (Blvgari Femme): 1
    Maurice Roucel: 1
    Pierre Montale: 1
    Olivier Cresp / Yves de Chiris (Angel): 1

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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    This post is a GREAT idea!

    I was just making a tally of my "noses" a week or so ago for the first time.

    Houses of which I have more than one fragrance:

    -Guerlain (7 full bottles)
    -Kenzo (3 full bottles)
    -Christian Dior (2 full bottles)
    -Henri Bendel (2 full bottles)
    -L'Artisan (1 full bottle, 3 .5 oz bottles)

    Noses which I own, have owned, or would like to own more than one product:

    -Jacques Guerlain (own two)
    -Laurent Bruyere (have owned two)
    -Alberto Morillas (have bought 3, one for myself)
    -Jacques Polge (have bought 3, one for myself)
    -Antoine Maisondieu (have bought 2, not for myself)
    -Jean-Claude Ellena (own one, would like to own more)
    -Nathalie Feisthaner (own one, would like to own more)
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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    Incuded are back-up bottles:

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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    Current full bottles:

    L’Artisan - 4
    Bond No. 9 – 3
    Chanel – 2
    Frederic Malle - 2
    Jean Patou - 2
    Sage – 2
    Ava Luxe - 2

    More than one of perfumer:

    Olivia Giacobetti - 5
    Laurent Le Guernec - 2
    Sage Machado - 2
    Serena Ava Franco - 2

    Olivia Giacobetti is my favorite perfumer, and I'm in awe of everything she's created. I deeply love the work of Ernest Beaux. Currently I own only Bois des Iles parfum, but I've owned and loved his Chanels and Soir de Paris. I love Jacques Polge as well, and I've owned all of his Chanels, but have used up all but my third bottle of Chance. I've loved many of Dominique Ropion's works as well.

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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    This is such a great idea. But as a newie, I have to go along with lannansidhe - I'm still in early formative stages and my current wardrobe reflects that.

    Got 7 Ava Luxes, five Guerlains, three or four Carons, old timey designers like Balenciaga and Dior - some oddballs (for me - McQueen, LAP, CDG and so forth - teenybopper (JLo? Britney Spears??) balanced with some classy Creeds and Hermes'. Got a wish list a mile long. Want to explore Montales and Miller Harris.

    Am flirting with Neil Morris and Michael Storer and Possets.

    Still a work in progress!
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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    Of my 11 Guerlains, I can find the noses listed as:
    Aime Guerlain, Jacques Guerlain, Jean-Paul Guerlain and Mathilde Laurent.

    I have 3 Serge Lutens and Feminite du Bois all by Christopher Sheldrake.

    My 2 favorite L'Artisans are by Olivia Giacobetti.

    Most of my Chanels are by Jacques Polge and 1 is by Ernest Beaux.

    2 of my Carons are by Michel Morsetti, 1 is by Ernest Daltroff.

    My Jalaines are by Jalaine Sommers.

    My Ormonde Jaynes are by Linda Pilkington.

    My Annick Goutals are by Isabelle Doyen.

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    Default Re: Do The Math: Houses & Noses

    Francis Fabron: le dix extrait 2 flacons
    le dix EDT 6 flacons
    L'air du Temps EDP 11 flacons

    Ernest Daltroff Bellodgia EdP 2 fl

    Fleurs de rocaille Edp 5 fl
    In thirthy years, right!!!!!
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