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    Lightbulb My Chicago Sniffathon... and why we need to stop Xerox-Perfumery

    Well, I'm "back home again in Indiana" after a long day of sniffing in Chicago yesterday.

    To be honest, the trip was very interesting. I learned a lot from the L'Artisan boutique. (For example, did you know that Passage d'Enfer has a civet note, albeit a synthetic one?) They were so kind, and I got to smell a lot of their creations. I left with a bottle of Ananas Fizz... I feel that this will be a good refresher for the summer. Likewise, my mom got a bottle of Verte Violette for similar reasons.

    After L'Artisan, we had lunch over at Tucci Benucch... it was pretty darn good. Afterwards, we went over to Water Tower Place and C.O. Bigelow... and here's where the fun starts.

    During an (unsuccessful) attempt to find a bathroom, I stopped by the Sephora in the same building and spritzed on Dolce & Gabanna's Light Blue Pour Homme. I gave it a spritz, thinking that it would be a nice citrus from the notes description, and all I got was... you guessed it... pure Acqua di Gio. I thought that "Doesn't the world already have 5,000+ AdG clones"? The same disaster was happening at the fragrance counter at Macy's on the first floor... Kenneth Cole RSVP, CK IN2U, and Pimp Diddy's Unforgivable Multi-Platinum dotted the shelves.

    Anyhoo, whoever green-lighted D&G Light Blue Pour Homme at P&G, which is not in the spirit of the women's one at all, should be re-assigned to Joy Brand Manager... the dishwashing detergent, not the perfume. It's people like this (and focus groups) who are destroying perfumery, turning works of art into mass-produced disasters. All in all, I'm getting sick of this designer Xerox-Perfumery... IMO, with the exception of Jean Paul Gaultier's Fleur du Male, every new designer men's scent this year has not been very innovative. No wonder I'm slowly starting to turn to niche fragrances more often.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Wink Re: My Chicago Sniffathon... and why we need to stop Xerox-Perfumery

    I think there still are some interesting designer/mainstream things being produced, off the top of my head, Dior Homme and Thierry Mugler Cologne come to mind. Actually, I find the current trend of uni-sex, comfort-driven fragrances really innovative. As for Sephora, I agree with Mike, the women's side is more interesting these days.
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    Default Re: My Chicago Sniffathon... and why we need to stop Xerox-Perfumery

    I have a hunch that MFfan310 will soon be changing that avatar !

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    Default Re: My Chicago Sniffathon... and why we need to stop Xerox-Perfumery

    I couldn't agree with you more - trips to Sephora are becoming more and more depressing (usually I spend about a minute browsing the mens fragrances, before I hop on over to the other side of the store where the womens / unisex fragrances are).

    I am insanely jealous that you all got to hang out with each other in Chicago. Any pics to post?

    Ananas Fizz rocked my world the first time I got a carded sample of it. I think it smells just like fresh pineapple juice mixed with champagne - right down to that carbonated effervescent note. Good choice.
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    Default Re: My Chicago Sniffathon... and why we need to stop Xerox-Perfumery

    Now that you mention it, D&G LB really does smell like AdG! I gave it a sniff a few nights ago & simply thought it was a pleasant aquatic. But you're right, it does smell like an AdG clone (granted, not ALL pleasant aquatics are AdG clones). But yeah, it's nothing like the feminine Light Blue, which I think is an excellent frag.
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