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    Default Piazzetta di Portofino

    Piazzetta Di Portofino needs to be mentioned a little more here on Basenotes. PdiP is a wonderful traditional EDC with such refinement and charm which does not have an evanescent gene in its make up. The juice lasts.

    For such a Quality Item I am surprised only to have heard it mentioned once on Basenotes in two or more years.

    A treat it is indeed and I heartily recommend it. The 'Gift Set' of EDC and Shower Gel produced in the line is also wonderful. The Shower Gel is long lasting and a great size- worth every penny.

    I offer the above for info...


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    Default Re: Piazzetta di Portofino

    Are there are any link, photos, or prices that you could share? It sounds very interesting.
    My partner is going to Torino next week. Are there any fragrance or shop recommendations?

    Mille grazie,

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    Default Re: Piazzetta di Portofino

    Is it a new scent. I saw plenty of Aqua di Portofino going around Italy two years ago (which I already owned), but never saw this one.

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    Default Re: Piazzetta di Portofino

    Here is a link to the Website;

    The Fragrance can be bought from;

    The actual Website has an email address and phone number where you can write to them or call to ask if the product is sold in your area.

    This fragrance is worth the search if you like a traditional EDC

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    Default Re: Piazzetta di Portofino

    Thanks. I guess Portofino is a big enough place to have several scents emanating from it. I'll be in Europe three months time and definitely check Piazzetta out.

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