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    Lightbulb Someone take me through Patou ph notes as they come....

    I wore this revered classic yesterday for the first time ever. I have dabbed myself with it previously but that was more like testing it to see what is in it that makes it so sought after.

    To my untrained nose it wasn't love at first sniff.
    Actually in a way i layered it with Dior homme coz that is what i was wearing since morning and had just resprayed it on my chest. Then out of nowhere i just decided i had to wear Patou pour homme. I quickly took the flacon out, unscrewed the cap, exact 3 1/2 turns, screwed on the atomiser on the bottle and hit two sprays each at the back of my hands.

    Honestly it wasnt love love. The way i fell in love with

    Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme
    Terre D'hermes

    It just wasnt there. If this was not so expensive i wouldn't really care for it.
    But you know since its there in your mind that mate this is sought after stuff, it has to be good, that thing kind off made me sniff it again and again.

    IN MY OPINION: it smelled like Gucci pour homme i think in the top notes. Please excuse me but i did smell that 'shoe polishy' note in it...Recently a basenoter did post in a thread that Patou had that shoe polish note in it and i just realized he wasn't entirely wrong. If i would sniff my shoe polish from really close i get that note...and before anybody asks me what shoe polish do i use, its 'Cherry Blossom'

    I was out for a movie 'Pirates of .....3' and since i think the movie was such a dampener my sole interest was in Patou. All of a sudden on one sniff i realized i smelt of felt like i had just made an indian dinner...and i had not washed my hands after cooking....i could just smell spices.....just spices...for a moment i thought has my 'Patou' turned cant cant be...

    This cant be the real Patou ph drydown....all i could think of during the 2nd half of the movie was of basenotes....i have to go about the patou drydown....thats what i did when i got back....was scanning for the word 'spicy' and got it in the previous threads....

    Well i am not yet in a position where i can identify individual notes when i wear a perfume, so i am not good at describing them.

    Can an experienced basenoter run me through the transition of Patou when it is worn until its drydown?
    I want to read it and see myself going through the phase and want to try to be able to identify the notes.

    Also please the Patou drydown just spicy and NOTHING else?

    i surely need to give it several more wearings to understand it better. My first experience with this classic is obviously as a novice and i need to progress olefactorily to grasp this.


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    Default Re: Someone take me through Patou ph notes as they come....

    The directory reviews do a good job at describing the notes.

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    Default Re: Someone take me through Patou ph notes as they come....

    I can't smell any genuine similarity to Gucci Pour Homme (2003). Patou Pour Homme's also about five times as deep and complex with multiple accords, profound development and a final drydown which only begins after five-six hours. It maintains several intriguing accords for the duration, which is anywhere from sixteen hours plus. It has a complex and extended evolution whose richness and exoticness belies the final drydown. I've seen it compared to fragrances such as Santos, Antaeus, Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme and others, but none of them are in the same context as PPH regarding depth, complexity and construction. Kerleo was one of only a handful of blacksmiths who could have manufactured something like PPH.

    I've never analyzed Patou Pour Homme's individual notes too closely. I liked it from a sample but it was in a class by itself once I owned a bottle. Dior's Jules puts out some strikingly similar accords from the depths, but its design isn't on the same expansive frame as PPH. Both paint bold dark tones, using accents of rising green to highlight their umbra theme, Jules being the slightly darker of the two. I f_cking love Jules. Both have a soul, an animus, that's consistently absent from most of today's fragrances.

    Vibert's review in the directory makes a legitimate attempt at analyzing some of the notes and evolution.
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    Default Re: Someone take me through Patou ph notes as they come....

    Quote Originally Posted by pluran View Post
    ...Vibert's review in the directory makes a legitimate attempt at analyzing some of the notes and evolution.
    Attempt is right! Act of hubris isn't too far off the point either. This has to be one of the most difficult scents to dissect. Period. Part of the issue is complexity, part of it is depth, and part of it is the scent's chameleonic transformations as it dries down. What really makes it tough, though, is how well blended the notes are. The accords that arise as Patou Pour Homme develops read as completely integrated units, not as assemblages with easily separated parts. The best I could do was describe what I perceived during the most distinct and lasting phases. It is all woefully inadequate, but some poor schlub had to try...

    If you go through all of the reviewer descriptions here on Basenotes, you might just begin to get a picture of this scent. What I will say is that I do not particularly enjoy Patou's cannon blast of an opening (heresy), and that the top notes give no real hint of what's to come afterwards.

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    Default Re: Someone take me through Patou ph notes as they come....

    We read this frequently on Basenotes, but it's true: Patou Pour Homme is so
    well blended that it's hard to pick out individual notes. As was said here, maybe
    blocks of accords pop out at you, but the masterful blending makes it tough to
    say "Ah ha! There is patchouli" or anything like that.

    Scentemental did wax eloquent on Patou Pour Homme relative to it's later
    namesake, Patou Pour Homme Prive. Perhaps you can check out that post:
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