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    Just wondering if anybody has worn Bond No.9's Fire Island at night or basically anywhere other than the beach...I realize this scent is perfect for the beach but what about outside the beach...Love this scent!


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    Oh yes, I wore it almost everywhere last summer. I wore it last night, as a matter of fact, when I joined some friends to see the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. It's such a great scent.
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    I have a feeling this scent will develop a loyal base over the years. It has a skin, musky, body thing going on just a little. If any other house other than Bond had come out with it, you would hear more love for it. It is strange and a theme scent for sure...but Bond copies everything right? I am sure we will find a scent that it was copied from at some point.
    Do I want to wear it? No. But I do think it is a very compelling smell for those that like a little 'body salt' thing goin' on... I do.

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    Just recently used up my sample vial of this. I find the topnotes to be WAY to feminine for my taste. But on the drydown, it changes completely. Don't know if it's bottle-worthy yet ... but I do like the drydown.

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