I bought Creed SMW when I joined Basenotes from Ebay, assuming that is was legitimate. I was a youngster then, what did I know? I know now that it was clearly a fake with pretty good duplication of the tea note. Still yet, I figured, I didn't like tea notes and always wondered the ballyhoo regarding SMW.

I was cleaning out my closet and consequently, my millions of sample vials and I tried a sample of SMW. At first, I thought I put on something different, it smelled nothing like I remembered SWM to be. This stuff smelled great! Convinced I was wrong, I double checked at Neiman Marcus.

I re-read the reviews, yeps, this was SWM. I like how Pluran put it, petrol instead of ink notes. And yes, the drydown late in the game is identical to MI and Erolfa. Key difference, this lasted on me much longer than both of those combined! Perfect for summer here in SoCal.

Damn those fake knockoffs! Anyone notice all the 99 cent knockoffs of SMW on Ebay? What gives?