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    Default first date scent suggestions

    I live in the big city, am recently single after 10 years, am 40 and have a first date with a 37 year old woman who is urban, sophisticated, a fashion designer but somewhat traditional...

    It will be between 75 and 85 degrees tomorrow and I am trying to decide:

    Artisan Piquant Brulant
    SL Daim Blond
    YSL M7 Fresh
    Gai Mattiolo
    Herrera for Men
    MPG Route de Vetiver
    Malle Vetiver Extroadinaire
    Patou PH
    Artisan Cologne Mure et Musc
    Desprez Versailles pour homme
    Balanciaga Pour Homme

    Obviously, the date makes the date and the scent is merely a mood and memory...

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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    Not familiar with Fahrenheits (we use Celsius here) but I presume the temperature is on the warm side so my vote goes for any vetiver scent, and of those two I prefer Malle to MPG.

    Have a lovely evening!
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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    I can't argue with a good vetiver, and I haven't tried that many from your list. Keeping in mind that I am not urban or sophisticated, I would cast my vote for Gendarme. Fresh, cool, clean.
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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    Personally, I love vetiver scents, but you can't go wrong with Gendarme, IMO.

    Second choice: Balenciaga
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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    I'm very fond of Route de Vetiver, but I would never suggest it for a first date or for an office.My husband wears it sometimes and on him it is very strong and smells somewhat between scorched and charred. I enjoy the effect, but it might well cause someone of gentler tastes to scream as they run away.

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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    I think the Balenciaga would be great or the M7 fresh. Have a good time!

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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    I quite agree with the majority here. Nothing too cumbersome. On hot days, vetiver and Gendarme are good choices.
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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    Lunch? Dinner? Dinner and a movie and espresso thereafter? Just drinks? Where? What kind of fashions does she design? Are you fair-skinned or darker?

    Geez, man. I need more info!! It's not too late to give up more!! Anyway, ya got a great wardrobe there - you really can't go wrong. (Though for myself, I'd favor a gentleman in either the Desprez or the Balenciaga - call me old fashioned!!)
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    Thumbs up Re: first date scent suggestions

    YSL M7 Fresh!!
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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    So ... we need the follow-up story. What did you choose to wear? Did she comment? Did you regret you choice? Don't leave us hanging.
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    Default Re: first date scent suggestions

    ysl m7 fresh *thumbs up*

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