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    Default Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    A friend of mine is travelling to Paris in a few hours and it's a good opportunity to get some stuff that's not available where I live. I'm getting some exclusive SL frags but I'm also craving some Keiko Mecheri as I happen to adore Fleur de Peau and Loukhoum. I know these are SL rip-offs but I'm so in love with them to care for the rip-off issue. FdP fascinates me better than Cuir Mauresque. From the house KM, I have FdP, Loukhoum and I'm acquainted with the one that copied Feminite de Bois (I forget the name) and yes, I like it better than FdB.

    I need advice from those who know the frags well enough to recommend some names. I don't care for pyramids or note listing. I need descriptions.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    Greetings my friend,

    I have about 10 Keiko Mecheri fragrances, and while I generally like all of them, the stand out ones for me are the following:

    Keiko Mecheri – Gourmandises EDP (If you like Loukhoum, you'll like this one. It has a very interesting praline note.)
    Keiko Mecheri – Oliban EDP (Rich, syrupy blond tobacco, with the oliban playing a minor role. Very distinctive.)
    Keiko Mecheri – Scarlett EDP (Sharp, almost unbearable medicinal opening, due to the angelica, but just gets better and better as it dries down into a spicy zesty blood orangey rosey drydown that seems to integrate and soften more and more with every passing minute till you get the most gentle drydown in stark contrast to the rough opening. It's quite a feat. An extraordinarily unusual and distinctive fragrance and only one really for the hardcore fragrance fan who doesn't want everything to be pretty and doesn't want everything to be pretty all the time. I think most people would find it unwearable.)

    Best regards,


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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    This thread had to be started, as the fragrances of Keiko Mecheri don't get discussed that much here. I don't know anything about them. So "keep 'em comin'".

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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    Paname is another very nice KM. Its related to Douce Amere, but seems to be more on the masculine side.

    Although most around here don't seem to care for it, i think Bois de Santal is another nice KM. Its a light, easy to wear sandalwood. The thing that makes it stand out, IMO, is the osmanthus in it. I want to stress that the sandalwood is not strong in BdS. When it dries down, the osmanthus, ambergris and sandalwood all blend together to create a unique fragrance.

    Both of these are very long lasting on my skin.

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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    I've tried a few of these and the ones that stand out to me are:

    Oliban -- I agree it's more tobacco than incense, its a beautifully refined cedar / tobacco with a soft rose background.

    Myrrhe and Merveilles has a sparkling citrus opening and the myrrhe tends to stay as background to the almond, jasmine, and musk accords

    Paname is similar to Douce Amere but at about half strength

    Gourmandises is almond-sweet gourmand with prominent rose and saffron notes.

    all or them are notable for their refiinement, have a particular elegance, and have excellent longevity.
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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    I second what's been said about Paname. It's one of my favourites, and I like it more than Douce Amere.

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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    paname smells goood

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    Default Re: Keiko Mecheri - which ones to order?

    I've always been given the impression on both Basenotes and MUA that Keiko Mecheri basically produces (largely inferior) Serge Lutens imitations, hence maybe the lack of enthusiasm for this house here.

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