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    Default Please help me pick a fragrance


    I am new to this forum and this will most likely be my only time posting. I am a young man (15) and I am looking for a smell that will make the ladies go crazy. I really enjoy the cologne Drakkar Noir but I want to try something new, just thought that may help if you sort of get my taste. I also like the cologne Hummer. Hugo Boss (one with a green strap connecting the lid to the bottle) is also great. I'm up for any suggestions. Thanks!!


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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance


    The question has been asked here before, and since you're fifteen, you'll probably get away with it without too much abuse. First--this should be put on the "Just starting out" forum not this one.

    Next--go right to the source--here's what the women's forum has to say about it: again, don't take it personnally many of those remarks are meant for older questioners:

    No scent is going to make women like you, but the fact that you are concerned about your personnal care is going in the right direction. Whatever you choose, go very easy on application. Excessive fragrance turns people off--women especially.

    I would say you could choose better fragrances than you have listed. There are no easy answers--if you are serious about this, do your homework. Here is the directory that will give you a lot of advice:

    Go to the just starting out forum with your question.

    Try Chrome.
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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    First wash your hair with some Herbal Essences shampoo.And then use one of the Axe body sprays....because i'm sure those commercials don't lie..!

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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Hello Cayman guy,

    My son's 15. In the warm weather he likes Gendarme, Swiss Army (similar to Chrome), Aqua de Bulvari, Erolfa (Creed), Carthusia Uomo, Trumper's Bay Rum, Portfolio (Perry Ellis), Tommy Bahame Set Sail St Barts, & St John's West Indian Lime.

    If possible try to test before buying. Best of luck to you...

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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Allure Sport may also be a good choice for you. I think it would suit you with its sharp and energetic topnotes, and then would set you apart with its nice, mellower basenotes.

    Cartier Pasha will definitely be different in your circles, but it's not a partying kind of fragrance. I think it has a lively, energetic feel from it which would suit you, but it's also a polished and refined scent that the other guys around you aren't going to be using.

    Rochas Man may also be a good, fun choice, but I'd say it's definitely a *fun* choice as opposed to the kind of impression you might make with Drakkar Noir.

    I haven't tried the ones that Mikey Q suggested, but of the 3 that I've mentioned, Allure Sport would be the one I'd recommend based on its versatility.

    BTW, it's you who would make the girls go crazy, not the fragrance you're wearing. That's the icing on the cake. The cake needs to be good to begin with
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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Welcome to Basenotes for however long You are here.....Polo Blue and Gio Pour Homme are very popular......Polo Black is nice too......Take care and have fun......let us know which scent(s) You pick.......Gary

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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Alright, i'll play nice and give you a serious answer.

    I would give Live Jazz and Body Kouros, both by YSL, a try. In that order.

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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Just be yourself = wear the cologne that you prefer

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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Kane View Post
    Just be yourself = wear the cologne that you prefer
    I second this, however I think you would stand out from the crowd if you wore Gucci Envy.
    "Society honors its living conformists and its dead troublemakers."
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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Gucci Envy and Versace Dreamer - both of these work magic!

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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Gendarme or Grabazzi, if you can find them where you live.
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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Thank you so much for everything guys! I got my list and will try to get downtown to find some of them to try! Maybe i'll be back in a while. Thanks agian,


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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Guy that is confortable and confident = chick magnet; the actual smell doesn't matter. Even if it's Hummer.
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    Default Re: Please help me pick a fragrance

    hey man...dont take flack from those who like to be mysterious in the answers. People will consistently tell you wear what you like and dont worry about what others think. Thats fine when you live in a room by yourself and dont interact on a regular basis with people. I think your question is a good one and deserves a straight up answer instead of some "wear axe because you 15 remark".

    Some good fragrances that are inoffensive are Polo Double Black, Lacoste Style in Play(Red) or Very sexy for him by Victoria Secret...girls will give you plenty of compliments on all of these. Good luck man, Take it easy...and try out all three of these colognes, you wont be dissapointed. And dont get aggrivated with the haters on this forum...some people just cant help being nasty.

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