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    Default A few quick reviews

    I just got back from Sephora/Schillers in the Pittsburgh area, and here are some quickies of what I tried:

    Light Blue PH - Arrgghh!! I really like the women's version of this for its addictive amber-musk, but unfortunately I found this to be far too common of a smell. I have to hand it to D&G for staying true to the frag's name, but did we really need another generic blue-themed bore?

    YSL L'Homme - I was surprised with this one! For whatever reason it never appeared near me when it debuted, and this was my first sampling. I really like the creamy feel to it, very elegant and fresh. My only complaint is that I think the scent becomes too muted once it settles, and of course it isn't as unique as the Tom Fords, but it is very wearable and an overall good release.

    Virgin Island Water - I loved the coconut note on paper, but I was disappointed that my skin was dominated by orange. I could barely smell the coconut, but the strange thing is that my friend said "do you have coconuts in here?" when I picked him up later. Certainly a quality scent, the jury is still out on this one until I wear it again and see if I can detect more coconut.

    *Although orange isn't listed as a note on VIW's BNotes page, the card I sprayed it on had printed on it, "a blend of coconut and zesty orange from Creed"

    MI - Still the best Creed IMO, no doubt it smells like Unforgivable, and I won't be buying it for that reason.

    VI Fresh Attitude - As much as I like the bottle, I'm not much of a fan of the VI line. I like a lot of Givenchy releases, but I just don't jive with these. I decided to give this one a change, but there seems to be some kind of persisting discord going on, with individual notes combating each other rather than cooperating towards any type of greater effect.

    Original Santal - Yep, very similar to Joop. I think OS is a little bit better, if only by virtue that it is Creed, but much like my dilemma with Joop, I don't know where I would wear out to warrant owning a full bottle.

    Gucci II - Great smell, but not original. I can't figure out where I have smelled this before, but it just didn't strike me as anything new. I haven't tried the original enough to draw comparisons, but it isn't bad. Love the bottle.
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    Default Re: A few quick reviews

    I agree... YSL L'Homme is growing on me every time I wear it. It has sneaky longevity on me. 4-5 hours. Not ground breaking, but something has me reaching for it more than I thought I would.

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