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    Question Most worn in May

    Stats time again, end of the spring, start of the summer!

    My May stats look like this:
    5 Folavril
    4 Eau de Vetyver (L'Occitane)
    3 Champaca, N’Aimez Que Moi
    2 Calamus, Égoïste, L’Heure Bleue, Melograno, Messe de Minuit, Sampaquita, Ta’if, Tolu, Vetiver (Etro), Vétiver Oriental

    Vetivers were big this month, so were soulmates and safety blankets. Did also some Ormonde Jayne testing.

    What do your stats look like?
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    7x Jalaine Citrus Dream
    5x Patou Sublime
    4x Jalaine Amber+Vanilla
    3x Farnesiana, Ce Soir ou Jamais, Samsara
    1x Tiempe Passate, Poivre, Serendipitous, Vega, Feminite du Bois, Vanille Coco

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    Used 38 different types of scent for May 2007, the following are the most worn.

    The favourite house of the month is Christian Dior.

    Le Baiser du Dragon Cartier 2
    Heure Exquise Annick Goutal 2
    Miss Dior Christian Dior 2
    Diorella Christian Dior 2
    Eau De Campagne Sisley 2
    Tabac Blond Caron 2
    Truth Lush Calvin Klein 2
    Youth Dew Estee Lauder 2
    Rose d'Ete de Rosine 2
    Currently wearing: No. 19 by Chanel

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    Coralle and Songes.
    I think I'm into Ylang ylang!
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    7x Sensi (using up this one)
    3x Imperial Opoponax
    3x Coromandel
    3x Iris Poudre
    4x Miss Dior

    Others: Cristobal, Vanille Exquise, Jalaine Citrus Dreams, Jil Sander Style, Jil Sander Sun Delight, Chanel 19

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    Still coasting on my "newie status" - several different scents every day with no repeats!! All decants or samples from other generous BNers!!

    Houses though. Ava Luxe, Neil Morris, Michael Storer, Possets and yesterday and today - DSH.
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    Same as Taolady. Most worn house - Ava Luxe.
    Most worn scents - probably a toss up between Musc Ravageur and Rousse, but only about twice each I think.

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    My own roll-on concoction of grapeseed oil mixed with Ylang Ylang oil and a few drops of Moschino by Moschino.

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    This month it seems I have varied (and tested)a lot between scents.Tried to use a lot of my older scents,but also bought some new ones.guess flavour of the month has been vanilla , woody or Chypres.Also a lot more floral than usual.Must be the season

    3x: Hypnotic Poison
    Narciso Rodriguez edt
    Feminite du Bois
    Crystal Noir

    2x: Nu edp,JPG Classique,Trouble,Provocative woman,Chergui,Contradiction,Pure Poison,Lolita Lempicka L.

    1 wearing:L'heure bleue,Le baiser du dragon,Pleasures,Champs Elysess,Angel,Egoiste,Allure,Coco,Aromatics Elixir and Jicky.

    Tested: Datura Noir,L'ombre dans l'eau,Chanel Cuir de russie,Parfum Sacre,Anglomania.
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    Looking over May's SotD, I was reminded how much Aleve I was taking for oral pain, which made me stop reviewing my posts once I got a sense of what I wore most. Here they are in order of May's wearing preference:

    #1 La Chasse aux Papillons
    #2 Nanadebary Green
    #3 Michael Storer Stephanie
    #4 Guerlain With Love

    Also wore Wet Garden, Femme, Black Vetyver Cafe, Yvette, Genvieve, et al.
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    for may i mostly wore different things each day, but there were a few repeats:

    2x l de lolita lempicka
    2x chanel 28 la pausa
    2x chanel gardenia
    Seeking: woods patchouli fresh tuberose

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    This month has been disappointing weatherwise, so my normal Spring
    fragrances have been waiting in the wings. Instead I have been drawn
    towards Cristobal(8) Roma(8)Cinema,(3) Anne Pliska(3)Fleur de The Rose Bulgare(2)
    Feminite du Bois (2)Cabotine, Voleur de Rose, Jardins de Bagatelle,
    Un Jour se Leve,Rive Gauche once each.

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    Storer Genvieve
    ALs---including combos!
    Balmain de Balmain
    Currently wearing: Bluebell by Penhaligon's

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    I had no repeats this month ... unusual for me not to wear Angel more than once. I did more testing than usual this month too, due to the wonderful treasure chests of samples from both musse and Scentsibility!
    I've trademarked the color bleu
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    Most worn i May

    5x FM- L'Eau d'Hiver
    4x FM- Iris Poudre
    3x Ava Luxe- Nude Musk
    3x Chanel- 31 Rue Cambon
    3x Creed- Virgin Island Water

    I have sampled A LOT in May, many Ava Luxes and all the Chanel Exclusifes among others

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    May stats:
    AL Doll Face 6
    Lavande Velours+Etro Sandalo 4
    AA Rosa Magnifica 4
    Chanel no. 5 3
    Violetta de Parma+Le Dix 3
    Diorella 2
    Sha 2
    Aimez moi 1
    Cabaret 1
    Eau De Charlotte 1
    Enjoy+Etro Patchouly 1
    Fracas 1
    Heure Exquise 1
    Ivoire 1
    L'Heure Bleue+Heliotrope 1
    Mentafolia 1
    Nahema 1
    Nuit de Noel 1
    Safari 1
    Violette Precieuse 1
    Vol de Nuit 1
    AL Wild Blackberry Musk 1

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    At the request of my health kinesiologist I had to refrain from wearing scent for a week. It wasn’t too difficult, but I was really quite bored. I found I came back to fragrance with a new appreciation though. The rest of the month was interesting in that I found I wore less fragrance but in some ways appreciated it more. I also acquired Chanel No 19 in parfum at an obscenely decent price. Most Chanels in parfum tend to work beautifully on me, even if the EdT formula does not. I took a chance thinking that this may also be the case with No 19. It works a lot better on me than in the EdT, although I’m still not sure it’s really “me.” It’s fun to wear it though- there is something lush, tender and spring-time fresh about it. The final green, powdery/bitter, leathery notes are the ones that make me feel it’s not quite my thing, but I’m going to keep trying it.

    3- PdN Vanille Tonka, Aqaba
    2- Shaal Nur, Jaipur, Madini Neroli, Kai, Shalimar, Joy, Chanel No 19, Fracas, JPG Classique in EdP

    All others were 1-off wearings.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    My most worn in May is Chanel No 19. - It has been that one in top for several months... I might really have found a HG!
    Last edited by Margareta; 1st June 2007 at 05:09 PM.
    Faves right now: Chanel No 19, Stella Rose Absolute, L´Heure Bleu, Elixir de Merveilles, Samsara.

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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    I didn't wear anything more than 2x this month, as far as I can tell.

    Here are the repeaters:

    Escada Rockin’ Rio 2
    Mandarine TS 2
    VS Sweet Craving 2
    Kenzo Amour 2
    Kenzo Flower 2
    Mentafollia 2
    Dior Addict 2
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    I'm not sure, I haven't counted, but I'm guessing it's Shocking for me.
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    Default Re: Most worn in May

    I kept up on my log this month and totaled up 90 line entries for May.

    4-Anne Pliska

    3 Maharanih
    3-Poivre/ Coup de Foet
    3- 31 Rue Cambon

    2- Montaigne
    2- Bois des Iles
    2- Cuir de Russie
    3- Pamplelune
    2- Attrape Coeur
    2- Sous le Vent
    2-Promesse de la Aube
    2- Blue Amber
    2- 1000
    2 Tocca Stella


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