With American Psycho being shown on Cinemax I was wondering about the skin care regimen. Is this hollywood or is this a real skin care process?

Pre shower
1. Gel ice pack to reduce facial puffiness
2. Deep pore cleanser

1. Water activated gel cleanser
2. Honey almond body scrub
3. Exfoliating facial gel scrub

Post shower
1. Herb mint facial mask (peel off after 10 minutes)
2. Non alcoholic after shave lotion (pre supposes a shave first)
3. Moisturizer
4. Anti-aging eye balm
5. Final moisturizing protective lotion

If this is a real skin care regimen, does anybody know what products (brand/product name) were used in the film?

I know that there are different skin care types (i.e. dry, oily, normal, etc.). Would the skin care regimen be different based upon your skin type or would you just use the products for your skin type?