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Thread: New Mitsouko

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    Default New Mitsouko

    I´ve tried - and bought - the new Mitsouko ( it comes in a new golden/bronze coloured box with vertical lines) and must admit that it´s really great!

    Even though I´m not sure if I´ve ever smelled the original formulation, the Mitsouko they selled before the new reformulation seems to me quite poor and pale, like being stripped off something - maybe the oakmoss. I do have both now and can compare them side by side.
    As Luca Turin said, the newer Mitsouko is somewhat drier with a lovely Iris in the middle and a rich, long finish of treemoss (not oakmoss!). Lasting power is great, too!

    BTW, I´m not sure if there ever was oakmoss in Mitsouko, or if it was always treemoss , because since oakmoss has to be declared on the boxes as an allergen and the use of oakmoss is restricted (not completely banned!), no box of Mitsouko ever declared to have oakmoss in it, always treemoss. Even newer releases like Terre d´Hermes and many others containing oakmoss (Evernia Prunastri), so there is no need to give it up completely.
    However, the new Mitsouko thanks to Edouard Fléchier is a wonderful chypre and IMO leans more to the masculine side than the older one. Give it a try!
    There is also a very nice review on Now Smell This of Mitsouko (pour Homme)!

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    Default Re: New Mitsouko

    My chosen creation of the day, by coincidence. I agree, it is excellent. I agree, also, that the "new" release is a little more masculine.

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    Default Re: New Mitsouko

    Oooooh - I want to try this. I'm cautiously optimistic. Thank you for the comments.

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