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    Default Fragrance Foundation Certification

    If you don't mind spending $125, you can sign up for the Fragrance Foundation's "Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist" program as an "Independent". Frivolous, perhaps, particularly for those of us who are professionals in other fields, but out of curiosity as an "enthusiast" I wanted to see what the program was like... I ended up passing with Honor's and getting a cool little CFSS pin and certificate, plus my name published on the Foundation's website in a press release.

    The material in the program covers things like the history of fragrance, the chemistry and biological aspects of smell, raw materials, sociological and anthropological considerations on odor and fragrance use, the composition of fragrances, the fragrance industry, and of course, marketing/selling (the last part -- sales, etc., was a bit specific in terms of being geared to SA's, but the rest of it was quite interesting). I'm sure that there are Basenoters who could pass the certification with flying colors with a little study... you could always use that on your résumé if you go into the fragrance field...


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    Ron, do you have the URL for their certification program? Sounds intriguing!
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    The link for the training program is: Click on the bottom right box that says "Individual Purchase" It says that the says the Fall session begins August 1st... go for it!

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    Default Re: Fragrance Foundation Certification

    This is great - thanks!

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    So has anyone done this program since the last posting here? I am curious as to how it went.

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    Does anyone know if such programmes exist in the UK - I would love to attend such a course.
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