Another annual sale has come, and I have been waiting.

I bought:

1. Of a Man by The Body Shop -- very fresh and long lasting. I don't want to buy AdG when I have this one. The body wash is also good, and I bought it in 2005, still have some left though. Oh, the price is US$25 after 40% discount (more expensive than the price in the U.S. which is US$22; the normal price here is US$42.)

2. Arber by The Body Shop -- warm, manly but not so outstanding. However, it was good enough to steal some money from my wallet. The same price--US$25.

For Javari, I bought it 3 months ago at the shop for US$34 (20% discount). It's lighter than Le Male and as always, long lasting.

What experiences do you have with these scents? Do you like any of them?