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    Talking Crabtree & Evelyn Men's scents Appreciation Thread

    I have found that these (Nomad, Sienna and Sandalwood) don't get a lot of mentions here and i would like to give them a bit of an homage, if i may.

    Of these 3 scents, the one i like the least is Sandalwood -there are lots of better sandalwoods for men out there- but that doesn't really mean that it's a bad one at all, this one is a very wearable one, I have to mention though that the older version of it seemed to be a bit better, denser and creamier and the new one it's a bit sharper, even though the sandalwood used seemd to be the same in both. It's certainly masculine (as are all of the men's line of C&E) and it's certainly elegant (ditto) but it's not really breathtaking.

    Sienna on the other hand, the most leathery of the bunch, it's got very much the spirit of older times, but whenever i smell it it feels more like a druid's scent (think a celtic druid observance or a rural reunion or practice to an earth god) with lots of herbal and woodsy tones. I am not a huge fun of spices as they tend to be either too peppery or sharp on my skin but here the combo is smooth. It's sweet also, (but not too sweet) and that gives it a good twist. The drydown is superb. Smells expensive.

    Nomad, to be honest, it's the best one of the bunch, and it certainly makes you wonder about the desert's nomads, but not so much the ones of the colder places, but i don't find it too wild, as this nomad seems to be a clean, richer one, maybe even with servants , like a tribe chief of sorts, but it doesn't seem too exotic in any case.
    The blend, to my surprise, seems to have a better quality sandalwood or maybe it's the mix with the other ingredients that make it seem so, it's very wearable as well, it's sweet too, and this guy seems a bit dirtier and angrier than the others, he's very much the hunter.
    For me, it was one of those "gotta have it now" kind of fragrance.
    Even though Nomads seem to like being on plains or on vast lands (well, in general) , this scent doesn't seem to bore me at all because there are many layers in it (well, at least on my skin i get it that way) and it seems to move to very different places at a faster pace and it doesn't really give me the impression of being on an open field . In short, i love it too. Seems simpler but it's really not.

    A rather short offering, but a compact and proper one.

    So, what's your favorite one and why?

    P.S.: and when the hell are they going to re-release Hungary Water? (but it needed a twitching, i think IMHO), and the very laid-back Patchouli? both also quite underrated...

    my 2 cents!
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    Default Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Men's scents Appreciation Thread

    I love the C&E scents and find them underrated/underdiscussed here. My favorite now is probably Sandalwood, I like its initial lavender and its overall smooth creaminess. Second is Sienna, for its spices and tobacco - the only reason I may not reach for it more often is because of the persistent strength of the tobacco in the drydown - sometimes I am just not in the mood for it. I like Nomad the least simply because it feels the lightest and least distinctive of the three. Very pleasant though. To me, all three are well-executed gentlemanly scents which I will probably always have in my wardrobe.

    Looking forward to the new mens' West Indian Limes!

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    Default Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Men's scents Appreciation Thread

    I've got Nomad and don't wear it often, but I do like it now and then. It's a very, very casual scent, not for my office, but not bad for "catching a movie with a few friends" sort of thing. One thing I do like about Nomad is it gives off a "clean" vibe without being an aquatic or excessively 'green' (maybe it's the bamboo). The Nomad soap, btw, is *fantastic* if you like the smell of the cologne.

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    C & E products are great I have the Nomad range and it is well made every day products

    It is in the quind of middle upper range the eau de toilette is very well priced ..

    Great great

    Invisible Power

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    My husband uses the Sandlewood shaving cream and aftershave. I really like it. I should check out the others, I suppose. He likes that the scent doesn't seem to be overwhelming and uses it daily for work.

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    Default Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Men's scents Appreciation Thread

    West Indian Lime is now available online

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    Default Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Men's scents Appreciation Thread

    I've had a bottle of C & E Sandalwood for quite some time. It's pleasant, but I find that I never really wear it. Most of my co-workers don't care for it too much. It's a little too linear and one-dimensional, IMHO.
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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