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    Default Doblis by Hermes

    I tried a sample of the 2004 re-introduction of Doblis by Hermes. This one is almost as hard to get as Djedi, and my reaction was similar - how can high-quality fragrances like these get lost in the hulabaloo? Others seem to survive...

    I had just come off the experience of discovering Djedi, and wanted to compare them side by side, so applied one last precious dab of Djedi on my wrist before sending it on its way to Riannon. The juxtaposition with Doblis brought out the mineral quality of Djedi Quarry picked up on so well. It took this comparison for me to see it as clearly - no wonder it brought to mind castles and cellars. The second Djedi sampling just reinforced what an evocative fragrance it is - as much as that most evocative of fragrances, L'Heure Bleue, by the same creator. It is a Goth fragrance par excellence, probably the best - brooding, melancholy (with none of the wistfulness of L'Heure Bleue), dark, cool, mineral.

    Doblis, on the other hand, is gilded and soft; a beautiful feminine leather, closest in character to Cuir De Russie by Chanel, but less aggressive, and as one reviewer said, more luminous. It is a luxurious fragrance - chic, suave, feminine, effortless in it's elegance and appropriateness. This quality of effortlessness is one of its distinctions, along with its notable seamless construction. It is like the feeling of old money as opposed to new. Old money doesn't have to try, or put itself forward, and neither does Djedi.

    One amusing review compared Doblis to Tom Ford's Black Orchid - the reviewer said there was nothing effortless about Black Orchid. It was striking but not effortless.
    Black Orchid was all about forcefulness. Doblis is the silken touch of those perfect pair of tender calfskin gloves you tried on in the hat shop during Christmas, a true offspring of Hermes.

    Another chypre, another leather, another one to fall deeply in love with. It has notes of chamomile, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vetiver, moss, musk, woods and leather.

    I was fortunate to get an extra sample from the wonderful fishbone96 (:wave:thanks), fellow leather and chypre lover, former ebay decanter, whose instincts I rely on more and more. She said I wouldn't be disappointed with it, but she didn't hint at its true luxury. So if you want to sample this beautiful leather, PM your name and address, and I'll send it along round-robin style, like was done for Djedi. I may have a sample vial of Chanel's Cuir De Russie. If I do, I'll send it along also, as I think these two will cause facets to come out of the other.

    fisbone96, thank you so much for allowing us to experience this wonderful leather. We are truly blessed by this community of fragrance lovers who make sure we all get to sample these exquisite perfumes.
    - Kathy -

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    Default Re: Doblis by Hermes

    What a lovely post !

    Doblis , to me, is more reminiscent of Mitsouko.
    That kind of magnitude, exquisite composition and seamlessness.
    Quite simply, it leaves you haunted and breathless.
    I cannot afford it, but my life is richer for having experienced it.

    Patty was generous in sharing of Djedi, as well.
    Even for those of us unable to commit to just a few scents, these two could fill the bill.

    Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby...

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    Default Re: Doblis by Hermes

    Doblis, oh boy! I was fortunate to try this one from the bottle # 147 (yeah, they were numbered) and I agree with what Flathorn said -- the suavest suede one can ever imagine, something like in a pale beige pair of gloves. Would not wear it every day -- one has to comply to Doblis' standards -- immaculate makeup and some certain air of importance. Cool without air conditioning. Beautiful fragrance!
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