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Thread: mint.

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    Default mint.

    i've become quite into mint/spearmint these days and the aroma of FRESH mint's amazing in the summer.

    does anyone know of any great scents which have alot of mint notes in em?

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    Default Re: mint.

    Live Jazz by YSL

    This is one extremely beautiful 'minty' fragrance thats great for the summers. Its a terrific change from the 'citrus' theme that most summer fragrances revolve around.

    Jazz Prestige by YSL

    What a chance...I wore this yesterday and was reminded that it was loaded with lots of mint in the topnotes...However as the dry down appears it just reeks of lots of 'sandalwood' with the mint nowhere to be seen. I prefer wearing this one in winter.

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    Default Re: mint.

    You might consider this one: Very Irrésistible Givenchy Summer Cocktail, which just came out for this summer, I believe. A very nice SA at Sephora suggested it. I found it to be more appealing than the others in this line. Very cool, very minty. My frag buddy at work loved this, too. I'm considering buying a bottle next chance I get. My sample is almost gone.

    Haven't tried Live Jazz, but YSL is always great. Thanks for the tip, gupts.

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    Default Re: mint.

    Czech & Speake's Cuba has a very prominent mint top note that is still noticeable well into the dry down...

    Other than that:
    Lacoste Booster

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    Default Re: mint.

    I've ordered a sample of Thundra by Profumo, which has a mint accord in it. I'll let you know what I think when it gets here.

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    Default Re: mint.

    Pasha de Cartier
    Pasha Fraicheur Menthe de Cartier
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    Default Re: mint.

    A nice minty fragrance is definetely Lacoste original (1984 - the one in white-green bottle)!

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    Default Re: mint.

    Quote Originally Posted by everso View Post
    i've become quite into mint/spearmint these days and the aroma of FRESH mint's amazing in the summer.

    does anyone know of any great scents which have alot of mint notes in em?

    Same here. On a tear now with three obsessions. Want Mint, menthol and ivory soap smell.

    The review here on Lacoste Booster meets the first two items I believe. But have not tired it yet. On my wish list however.

    I did buy in target today Jack Black signature mint soap bars and it does leave a faint smell of mint.

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    Default Re: mint.

    Sélection Verte
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    Default Re: mint.

    Relax by Davidoff ,, got my attention recently ,, my search also led me to begin the thread on Lacoste ! .. nice list so far .

    JANUARY 2013 ..

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    Default Re: mint.

    Samba Nova for men is a floral mint with nice rosewood.

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    Default Re: mint.

    Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mentafollia
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    Default Re: mint.

    Many perfumes containing patchouli have a mint note for me.
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    Default Re: mint.

    The link posted by Isp_NY above is a great resource. Would like to add: ST Dupont Noir has a great, cooling spearmint topnote.
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    Default Re: mint.

    Comme De Garcon Mint from the Leaves series

    Jacques Fath Green Water

    Creed Green Valley


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    Default Re: mint.

    Creed Green Valley is the best mint in my opinion.

    I also enjoy L'Eau Bleue D'Issey Eau Fraiche for its great use of mint.

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    Default Re: mint.

    I second:
    Selection Verte
    C&S Cuba
    Fath Green Water
    My Wardrobe
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    Thumbs up Re: mint.

    Shortly, next September, GUERLAIN HOMME

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    Default Re: mint.

    Guerlain's Herba Fresca is an absolute must!

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    Default Re: mint.

    Agree with the Herba Fresca by Guerlain.

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    Default Re: mint.

    second the Freen Valley post

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    Default Re: mint.

    Creed Selection Verte is the mintiest fragrance I've encountered.

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    Default Re: mint.

    wow. so many great suggestions by everyone on here and by PM.

    thanks so much! am making a list and am gonna look into these to see which ones i can find to smell in person.

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    Default Re: mint.

    some really nice suggestion have been made here... worth a try for sure:
    CDG Mint
    Creed Chevrefeuille Original
    Guerlain AA Herba Fresca
    Pasha Fraicheur Menthe de Cartier
    Ulrich Lang Anvers
    Miller et Berteaux #2 Land/Spiritus

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    Default Re: mint.

    The guy is asking for mint, and all I see is crap suggestions. Best mint frag on the planet, bar none.

    Menthe Moderne by DSH Perfumes - EDP - Long lasting - affordable freshest mint there is...........

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    Default Re: mint.

    Quote Originally Posted by thebeck View Post
    The guy is asking for mint, and all I see is crap suggestions. Best mint frag on the planet, bar none.

    Not even worth commenting on that.
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    Default Re: mint.

    There seems to be some mint in Iceberg Twice Homme.
    I love cologne.

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    Default Re: mint.

    Some stuff I think has mint in it but not necessarily a linear mint.

    Lacoste Elegance (fizzy mint)
    Sander for Man (sweet mint)
    Versace Green Jeans (green mint)
    Aramis Life (spicy mint)
    Noir by ST Dupont (dark mint)
    Live Jazz ("happy" mint")
    Pasha (elegant mint)
    Pasha Menthe (super elegant mint)
    MPG Centaure
    What About Adam (herabl mint)
    Arsenal by Ayala Moriel (heavy mint)
    Echo Summer Fizz
    Cerruti Image (synthetic mint)
    Acqua di Biella No. 1 ("natural" mint)
    Chèvrefeuille Original (metallic mint)
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    Default Re: mint.

    Another crappy suggestion: Guerlain Vetiver Eau Glacée (Frozen)

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    Default Re: mint.

    Here's yet another crappy suggestion!

    Piper Nigrum.

    Top Notes
    * Anise, Wild Fennel, Peppermint .

    Middle Notes
    * Black Pepper, Origanum, Nutmeg .

    Base Notes
    * Amber, Styrax, Myrrh.

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    But do not always make sense

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    Default Re: mint.

    The mintiest scent I own is the old Burberry,London, which is now called just plain Burberry,
    i.e. this one

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    Default Re: mint.

    Lacoste Booster as I remember pluran telling it was done by the same perfumer who did Patou Pour Homme. I never smelled a more natural mint.

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    Default Re: mint.

    Creed's Green Valley

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    Default Re: mint.

    Paul Smith London, has alot of frosted mint in it!

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    Default Re: mint.

    I was planning to start a mint thread myself right when this one came out. Based on what I read in this thread and in the reviews forum, I bought and received a bottle of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mentafollia. Very nice! It's like having some fresh mint leaves stuffed inside my shirt. It's just like the reviews suggested it would be. Thanks for the many suggestions. I wish I could try them all.

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    Default Re: mint.

    To add yet another; Roger and Gallet's L'Homme has some nice spearmint.

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    Default Re: mint.

    Holy crap, I can't believe nobody has suggested "Menthe Fraiche" by Heeley. Absolutely perfect mint scent. I'll second CdG#5's Sherbert: Peppermint. Great layering fragrance.
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