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    Default One every couple months

    I have like 20 now and was wondering if buying cologne with gift certificates or saved up loose change is bad because i already have so many, or is that ok in your book because i am using gift certificates and loose change? Just wondeing...need a different perspective. Thanks.

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    Default Re: One every couple months

    jdnba..I know what you mean.

    If you are using money that you would otherwise use on other optional purchases for yourself and you are not depriving anyone but yourself of other things with the money you spend on scents, I say..

    GO FOR IT!!
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    Default Re: One every couple months

    There's a passage in a book I seldom read where someone says, "why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for what does not satisfy?" Good question, and hard to know whether the next perfume purchase will bring some sort of satisfaction. But to me the question of enough has to do with whether I really use, enjoy, think about what I acquire. And the answer is beginning to be not so much. In most cases it seems like a small decant wd be plenty.

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    Default Re: One every couple months

    Just make sure you are absolutely in love with a fragrance before buying it. Make a point to test-drive a sample for a while, get decants of things you aren't sure about etc...

    There are guys on this board with thousands of bottles. I'm sure they have more money than you and I, so they can afford to spend quite a bit on fragrances. If you've already got department store gift certificates, and you don't need anything else, why not spend them on something you want?

    As long as you don't deprive yourself of neccessities and find value in the hobby of fragrance collecting, go for it.
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    Default Re: One every couple months

    Sorry, man, sounds like rationalization to me. Just do it and enjoy the hell out of it.
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    Default Re: One every couple months

    I know what you mean.I think.........
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