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Thread: new to diy

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    Default new to diy

    i've loved commercial fragrances for years now but have only really thought about diy fragrances recently and it sounds great.
    i've heard that oils such as clove and cinnamon can be irritating on the skin... just wondering how much you should dilute solutions and with what.
    also, any combinations of oils that work well?
    thanks, jill

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Hi jillsy,

    I'm new to diy as well. Read the sitcky primer. I did, but so long ago I can't quite remember what it said. I also recall like the ParfumsRaffy site on individual notes. They gave an idea of proportion for top/middle/base notes.

    I have collected quite a few essential oils, but haven't quite gotten the nerve to start mixing.
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Mix, Shycat, mix! And tell us about it. That's why you have the oils, is it not?

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Okay, I ordered some inexpensive little bottles, now I need pipettes...
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Hello and welcome Jillsy!:wave: :wave: :wave:

    Cinnamon is one of the strongest sensitizers at all, the best and safest method is not to use it! With clove I would not use more than about 1 drop in 100ml. You can either dilute with 95 proof alcohol or the best oil for that purpose is jojoba.

    Some simple and common classical combinations of oils that blend well:

    Top: Bergamot, Bitter Orange and Mandarin
    Middle: Rose, Jasmin, Neroli or Ylang
    Bottom: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

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    Default Re: new to diy

    hey thanks... sounds good... now to convince the 'rents that i need perfume oil and straight vodka (and not for drinking)

    ...or should i use a diff kinda alcohol?

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Welcome! Unfortunately I don't know about alcohol sources Downunder. You might google Perfumers' Alcohol. Vodka is not good. Is grape alcohol available at the pharmacy? In Germany it is, but tons of tax on it.

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    Default Re: new to diy

    hmmm so how do oils mix in alcohol?
    you can use jojoba or fractionated coconut oils... just wondering about other oils - such as almond, grapeseed or olive oils... do they work alright with perfumes? i know they do have a smell but does this add to the perfume?
    havent started getting oils yet... want to be sure i know what i'm doing
    thanks for all the help

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    Default Re: new to diy

    One reason why jojoba oil is so good is that it doesn't go rancid quickly like some others might, including olive oil. It also blends into your skin and doesn't leave an oily slick.

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Hi Jillsy - I am in Melbourne and just looking into making my own frags as well - I have seen at Dan Murphys they have a "Polish Spirit" which is 95% proof - sounds similar to the everclear mentioned in the US - I will pick some up if its not too expensive and I will let you know how it mixes with a few EO's. Id also like to make a liquid soap and a solid fragrance (beeswax base) I think these projects should not be too challenging - we'll see ... All the best - Ed

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    Default Re: new to diy

    sweet! have fun
    i still havent gotten around to it yet... wait til the end of yr12 - found the cutest little perfume bottles in a shop in a small town on the nsw coast... definitely will look into it

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Something I've learned on this site...Jojoba is, technically, a wax not an oil. That's why it doesn't go rancid. It just remains liquid at lower temps than most other waxes...and, apparently, mixes well with most fragrance oils.

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    Default Re: new to diy

    ooh ok then... so where do you find jojoba? at chemists? or at specialty stores?

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    There are a lot of good sites where you can get perfume supplies. I really like MMS: and get many of my bath product supplies there. You can also get perfumers alcohol at I am sure there are many other great sites, but these are the two I use a lot. I didn't start making perfume with alcohol until I moved into more of the aroma chemicals vs. the natural essential oils (right now I use both) and I would recommend using a silicone called Cyclomethicone to start mixing up the scents. I recommend it because it is easy to work with and inexpensive. However, it is a silicone and I know some people don't like to work with chemicals like that. Jojoba is good, but a bit pricier. In the very beginning I mixed my scents with light carrier oils like Avocado and very pale grapeseed oil because of the price, but they do go rancid and the scents need to be used more rapidly. Doing this I learned how to combine oils and then used them as body oils after my showers and baths. It was a good way to start learning how to mix the notes. Also, as an aside, a mix of Cyclomethicone and grapeseed oil makes a fantastic dry oil body spray and the fragrance lasts a nice amount of time on the skin.
    Let us know how your experimenting goes.

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    Default Re: new to diy

    how long does grapeseed take to go rancid on its own?
    cyclomethicone? haven't heard of it :S

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Cyclomethicone is a clear and odorless silicone. It blends easily and it doesn't stain. It is very quick drying and has a silky feel on the skin which is why it is used in dry oil sprays.
    As for the grapeseed oil, how long it lasts really depends on so many factors. It should be stored in a dark, cool and dry space and most recommend storing it in the refrigerator for up to six months. I haven't ever had any problems using it, but like I said, I use it in body oils and bath oils and use it much quicker than I would a perfume.

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    Default Re: new to diy

    Jillsy ... Jojoba Oil is available at Ebay and very reasonably priced by sellers here in Oz .. Just wondering about what alcohol we can easily obtain here in Oz to use with our creations ? I have Vodka but would prefer something more nuetral if available ... cheers

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    Default Re: new to diy

    I recommend getting jojoba oil from or as oppose to Ebay. They are both very reputable companies that sell high quality products and not too expensive if you're purchasing in bulk.

    You can also purchase perfume grade ethanol (95%) from New Directions It's been denatured meaning not suitable for drinking and thus, cheaper than buying alcohol from liquor stores. Perfect Potion also sells Natural Perfume Base ( It's more expensive as it's organic.

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