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Thread: suggestions?

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    Smile suggestions?

    i love sweet, floral/oriental perfumes but im starting to feel that my signature perfume at the moment (fantasy by britney) is a little juvenile.
    i like versace woman and dolce vita by dior. anyone have any suggestions?
    thanks in advance, jill

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    Hi Jill and welcome to Basenotes! Are you in any of the major Australian cities or are you in a small town with not much access to fragrances?
    A lot of us here really enjoy the niche fragrances (eg Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Caron etc) but these can be tricky to get if you're not in a big city.
    It's difficult to recommend fragrance because body chemistry is very individual and what smells sophisticated and sexy on one person can smell like bugspray on another.
    If you can get to a store, having a testing day. Make use of paper strips - don't try to spray everything on yourself right away. Take a pen and write on the strip the name of the fragrance and then choose the two you like best and put them on your wrists. Give it a few hours to see how they develop. Generally, you should give fragrance a couple of tries before deciding to buy - it saves a lot of mistakes. (We've all done it!)

    I'm also going to recommend you try Ava Luxe ( - based in the US but they have over 100 fragrances and do a samples service so you can try the ones you like the sound of at your leisure. You are bound to find at least one you enjoy! Check out our recent Ava Luxe week for reviews and suggestions.
    Finally, don't be ashamed of Fantasy - it's actually a nice and well-made fragrance and a lot of the folks here enjoy it. It's just unfortunate Britney's name is attached.

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    You may like Lolita Lempicka, Trouble by Boucheron, Miss Boucheron, Alien by Theirry Mugler, Pink Sugar, just to name a few that are on the sweet and kind of spicy side.

    My last purchase was Alien and Bright Crystal by Versace. I have gotten alot of compliments on the Alien. Everytime I wear it, I get alot of compliments. I get alot of compliments when I wear Lolita Lempicka too.

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    Thumbs up Re: suggestions?

    Hi Jillsy! Being an Aussie too - I find it hard to get the niche frags that seem to be easy for others. A nice sweet oriental to try would be 'Euphoria' by Calvin Klein. I've been sampling the Ava Luxe like mad - and they are very reasonably priced and shipping is really cheap!
    Another sweetie is Ana Sui 'Dreams'. Should be able to get them from your local Myer - especially if you can get to a decent one!
    Good luck!

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    you ll probably love Fleurs d 'Oranger (Eva Longoria 's signature - orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, white rose, spice) and Clair de Musc (high-end clear vegetal musk) by Serge Lutens - the two Serge Lutens fragrances are young but not girly, feminine and fresh but not boring and get you a lot of compliments by men
    Serge Lutens has 1, 600 doors worldwide, the export line is not that hard to find except for the exclusive Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido line only available in the Europe Union.

    Frederic Malle is very hard to find outside Europe, Japan and the US but you can order on their site, just afraid going from Britney Spears to FM might not work.

    in the mainstream category I suggest:
    Young Sexy Lovely by Yves Saint Laurent
    Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel
    Insolence by Guerlain
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    'luxury is an esthetic wrath' Serge Lutens

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    I just bought my mom Givenchy Haute Couture to wear in place of her BS Fantasy, as I have started calling it. She loves Fantasy but it brings on a severe headache in me when she has it on. I tried every thing I could find that was similar but a little more refined and that did not smell like something an 8 year old would wear. Lolita Lempicka is also another one that you may enjoy. I also contemplated buying my mom Armani was fairly sweet also. Good luck

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    hey thanks for all the advice... cant wait to hit the perfume counters
    i'm from canberra and despite being the capital, it's like a bunch of country towns very close together... making it hard to find good niche perfumes.
    but i will try lolita lempicka (seen the bottle but havent tried it yet), alien, euphoria, young sexy lovely, armani code, hot couture, chance, insolence, dreams and ava luxe
    yeah bright crystal is good (Y) thanks

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    You might want to give one of the Angel scents a whirl as well. Original Angel is the queen of gourmand scents - it's a real love it or hate it but if you like Fantasy you might enjoy it. There's also a lighter version, called Innocent, and four floral versions, the Garden of Stars: Rose Angel, Lily Angel, Peony Angel and Violet Angel. This year they've also brought out a more aquatic scent called Eau de Star, which has a vanilla base similar to Angel but with more watery notes (I thought I smelled melon initially).
    I have Angel and Rose Angel as well as Alien (they're all Thierry Mugler) and they're all nice in their own way.
    Armani Code has some similarities to Alien (they're both primarily jasmine scents) but Code has a vanilla base whereas Alien is a little more watery and ethereal. I find Alien a lot more interesting.

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    finally made it to the mall today... tried angel (its sooo good... i left the perfume card in my room and now the whole room smells good ), trouble by boucheron... good stuff too, chance by chanel and young sexy lovely. the last two didnt seem to last very long though.

    anyone tried escada sunset heat or ralph rocks? they smell so similar... maybe not so good for winter tho... they remind me of the beach

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    Ralph Rocks is nice and easy to get. PM some of the rest of us here in Aus and we can send you some samples. Glad to help out. I have lots of Diors and some samples I won't use.

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    Default Re: suggestions?

    convincing the 'rents to pay/swap for them over the internet wont happen in a long time... thanks for the offer though
    where do you get all of these samples? i managed to scab a ralph rocks one from the perfume connection today but i never seem to find old samples

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    Default Re: suggestions?

    I get most of my samples online in trades, etc

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