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Thread: Classic scents

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    Default Classic scents

    I am reinventing myself I am a marketing man so I need 3 fragances which screems out quality and I want 3 fragrances which want just be good for novelty sake, I believe that the old scents are the best so out of this lot which would you is the best best individually for the respected cateorgies class, romance and sex appeal.

    Jean-Paul Gaultier: Le Male
    Michael Kors:Michael for Men
    Giorgio Beverly Hills: Wings for men
    Alfred Dunhill : X-Centric
    Gucci: pour Homme
    Ralph Lauren:Romance
    Armani: Code for Men
    Dolce & Gabbana: Homme
    Gucci: Envy

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    Default Re: Classic scents

    Class: Michael for Men(sorta), D&G, Romance, Gucci pour homme
    Romance: Envy
    Sex appeal: Code, Le Male

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    Default Re: Classic scents

    Why did you not add other classics like ?

    Chanel Egoiste & Antaeus
    Guerlain Vetiver & Heritage

    My "Own" List would be ( i don´t know all of your listed frags ):

    Class: Guerlain Vetiver or Rive Gauche YSL

    Romance: Chanel Egoiste or Dior Homme

    Sexy: Chanel Antaeus ( also Romantic and an formel scent )
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    Default Re: Classic scents

    Gucci: pour Homme
    Gucci: Envy (this can be both romantic and sexy)
    Jean-Paul Gaultier: Le Male

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    Default Re: Classic scents

    Any three of the ones below IMO:

    Jean-Paul Gaultier: Le Male
    Alfred Dunhill : X-Centric
    Gucci: pour Homme
    Armani: Code for Men
    Gucci: Envy

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